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5/7/2023 c6 Guest
Sigh, and the problem with illusion barriers already rears its head.

It makes for bad story-telling to disconnect him from the world like that.

Would be much more interesting to have him get in trouble in the real world, or having to hunt down Grimm in order to grind. And most importantly it increases the potential for character interactions.
5/7/2023 c5 Guest
What reference?
If it is to some song lyric, then maybe specify a bit more. Even if the music is popular, and for good reason, very few know the lyrics by heart.
5/7/2023 c3 Guest
I think adding illusion barriers is a mistake, since he can grind without interacting with the world.
It encourages lazy writing, and is boring to read about.

That and a Party system are two things that should be left out of any Gamer story IMO.
5/7/2023 c3 typo
verses - versus
5/7/2023 c1 Guest
The onii-chan thing is a bit too ridiculous, feels very out of place on remnant, somewhere between breaking the fourth wall, and anachronistic.
4/23/2023 c5 TrumpasaurusRex
All the incest is very revolting. Especially with his little sister.
4/23/2023 c29 Travis99
Any updates?
4/2/2023 c33 pkempf
Gotta say that for all I disagree with your worldview (and boy do I ever) I did really enjoy this fic. Hopefully inspiration and free time line up someday and you're able to return to it.
3/31/2023 c7 pkempf
This is a good story so far. Bummer that you feel this need to keep shoehorning random anti-"SJW" rants into it though.
3/17/2023 c6 AlmightyFatty
Sweet home alabama
3/17/2023 c5 AlmightyFatty
I never liked when "MC" shares his gamer status no matter how "accidentaly" it happens, always seems forced and makes mc seem incompentent
3/13/2023 c33 Anon
I saw this fic wasn't updated in... nearly five years. I saw the profile hasn't been updated for almost the same amount of time.
Yet I still read this fic.
That has reinforced exactly why I DON'T do that. Because I really like the fic, and yet it's highly likely it'll never get continued.

Anyways, author, if by some chance you see this, uh... would be pretty cool if you update this at some point? Please?
2/25/2023 c33 Old World
I've followed this story when I found it in 2019. One of the first RWBY gamer fic and one of the best on the site.
This story is amazing, in that I could see this version of RWBY existing. Also is the potential that if this story continues that it could still follow into cannon without to much issues.
'Jaune' sure did a whole lot done in the small timeframe he had before Beacon, enough to shift the course of the entire series.
The aspect that I enjoyed the most, beyond the gamer feature, was the relationship building that the characters had. The build up was done through out the storyline with sorta believable reactions. The hook ups was not done immediately but done through personal hardships.
Do still hold out hope that this story will eventually updated, either here or on Ao3.
2/23/2023 c1 MoinLeute
2/23/2023 c1 MoinLeute
800k words and its beacon initiation?... wtf did you do all that time? travel to other worlds and run through their plots too?
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