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3/13/2023 c33 Anon
I saw this fic wasn't updated in... nearly five years. I saw the profile hasn't been updated for almost the same amount of time.
Yet I still read this fic.
That has reinforced exactly why I DON'T do that. Because I really like the fic, and yet it's highly likely it'll never get continued.

Anyways, author, if by some chance you see this, uh... would be pretty cool if you update this at some point? Please?
2/25/2023 c33 Old World
I've followed this story when I found it in 2019. One of the first RWBY gamer fic and one of the best on the site.
This story is amazing, in that I could see this version of RWBY existing. Also is the potential that if this story continues that it could still follow into cannon without to much issues.
'Jaune' sure did a whole lot done in the small timeframe he had before Beacon, enough to shift the course of the entire series.
The aspect that I enjoyed the most, beyond the gamer feature, was the relationship building that the characters had. The build up was done through out the storyline with sorta believable reactions. The hook ups was not done immediately but done through personal hardships.
Do still hold out hope that this story will eventually updated, either here or on Ao3.
2/23/2023 c1 MoinLeute
2/23/2023 c1 MoinLeute
800k words and its beacon initiation?... wtf did you do all that time? travel to other worlds and run through their plots too?
2/12/2023 c8 HisJoeness
the maths a bit off2*100%)2)=88*2008)=1024
2/6/2023 c3 5C3nterF0ld
2/6/2023 c3 C3nterF0ld
I'm interested in this. quite a lot actually. BUT THE WHOLE OF WHATS WRITTEN DOESNT EVEN GET TO BEACON. well it does but only to the point of him stepping off the airship and whatevers beyond that I didn't look past the first sentence. that's insane I dunno if I can wait that long for Canon. I'll admit I read mostly for character interactions so I'm more into how the main cast will react to new variables and stuff. gaw damn you can write though if you filled 33 chapters with stuff that ain't Canon
1/28/2023 c33 Guest
1/7/2023 c1 Guest
Absolute trash.
1/4/2023 c6 timberwolfst
So, I'm re-reading your story (hope you pick it back up, btw) and it occurred to me that his amnesia can be explained away as part of his semblance (for those that know what it is). After all, RPG characters are usually dropped in cold. they've got basic skills and can interact but almost zero world knowledge or context. That's something that they have to learn as you play the game. He could justify his lack of knowledge as his semblance erasing it to be more like a game.
1/2/2023 c2 1Diametrik
Is speed rolled into strength? I only ask because there's no AGI stat, and you were talking about DEX as though it was a separate thing from his speed.

I was going to ask why they were training him, considering they were forbidden to by their parents, but, from that phone conversation, I guess Joan decided she had had enough and did it anyway,

Also, why does Jun have HP? She doesn't have Gamer's Body.
1/2/2023 c1 Diametrik
If polygamy is normal, why is she sheepish and embarrassed about it? If anything, she should be confused about why Jaune is confused about their dad having two wives.
12/24/2022 c29 TheWritingFreakIsBack
“Nora Valkyrie
Title: Boop
Level: 34”
12/24/2022 c26 TheWritingFreakIsBack
12/22/2022 c24 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Damnit…I doesn’t bother me
It doesn’t bother me
It bothers me
It bothers me ALOT

You said that drops can’t be ID duped and yet he did it with the bear claw gloves and I’m pointing it out
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