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for I Played Soldier, You Played King

4/5/2016 c5 20Multidimensional Scribe
This deserves a sequel following Kaldur's broken heart and the consequences of Orin's actions. Also I haven't seen season 2 so I could be wrong but what about Kaldur's mom and adopted dad? Surely they are worth Kaldur returning to Atlantis just to visit. Also does this mean that because Garth was brainwashed, Garth is back to hating Kaldur? If so, wouldn't Kaldur attempt reconciliation with him for real now? If not, isn't he worth going back to Atlantis for?
3/29/2016 c4 Multidimensional Scribe
God I just was want the original team to beat up Orin in Kaldur's defense. Kaldur doesn't deserve this. Anyway now my original complaint seems justified so now it makes sense. Also where's Mera in all this?
3/20/2016 c3 5ak74224
Love the story!
What will the team do when they find out Aqualad is leaving them? Will they react violently or just shun him completely.
It's so rare that you find a story with Aqualad as the main character and I personally think that he is severely underrated both as a leader and as a character.
Please update soon I can't wait for the next chapter.
3/19/2016 c3 20Multidimensional Scribe
I think the apology came too quickly. With that much hate and denial in Garth for so many years, I think it would take him some time to fully accept the truth and apologize
3/6/2016 c2 The Mystic Owl
Wow, surprised you updated so quickly! There were a few grammatical errors that I spotted, such as capitalization and a few instances were there should have been a comma, but other than that it seemed fine! I never really thought how the people of Atlantis would treat Kaldur after his undercover mission, so I like how you're delving into the matter. And is Garth more angry about Tula dying or Kaldur working with Black Manta? Because I may be wrong, but I thought Kaldur wasn't even present when she died? Of course, you may have had her died different from the canon. Nonetheless, I look forward to the meeting between Garth and Kaldur! I'm sensing a fight is about to break out!
3/6/2016 c1 For the Team
It's fics like this that remind me that no matter how deceptively innocent the title/summary/length is they can't still inflict severe emotional pain. Thank you so much, seriously though, the thought of Kaldur staying in Atlantis and the team being without him and vise versa is not a happy thought. Also, I like how Orin handled finding out about the plan, it makes sense when you look at it from the PoV that you expressed it. Nice writing, short and sweet. One thing, it might have been an accident or beyond your control, but having a sentence stop halfway through a line and continue on the next is a bit confusing when it's all by itself. If that makes sense...the line in question is the one when Orin is saying a warrior of the highest skill. Bye, have a good *measurement of time!*
3/6/2016 c1 Multidimensional Scribe
I loved the summary. It was very poetic. Where did u come up with it?
3/5/2016 c1 The Mystic Owl
I really enjoyed this! There sadly just are not enough stories with Kaldur as the lead character, and even when he does make an appearance in a story, his role is usually so minor! I think you captured both characters wonderfully, and I don't think I saw a single contraction written, which I find to be very hard to do! Every time either of them spoke, I could hear their voices perfectly! I'm wondering what Kaldur will do, and if he does move back to Atlantis, who will he choose to lead the Team? Well done and I look forward to an update!

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