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for What a Night

6/6/2020 c4 50KeepingUpDisappearances
Great story! This is one of my favorite episodes. I like the touch of romance you gave this while balancing with the humor of the actual episode.
7/12/2018 c1 14beatrix.acs
Oh, Daphne is SO RIGHT! To hell with them, if they feel more loyalty to Maris (and her money) than to Niles who has always been more human than the "not quite human woman". Love this sweet piece between them, she always seems to understand him although the greatest secret is still invisible to her eyes.
8/22/2016 c1 10Latenightmom
Aww, Daphne saved the day! I loved the part where she comes in and gets after the men fir carrying on. I need to watch the episode this goes along with. Formal parties are fun, can't wait for more!
8/5/2016 c1 170A.Baroness
The original scene from the episode, in my opinion, is just beyond funny and I absolutely love it. You gave it a bit more feeling. Daphne taking Niles and his party seriously is beyond sweet. She simply know how to make him feel better because she just understands him. Loved it.
3/12/2016 c1 763Kristen3
Aw, this is just too cute for words! :D Of course Daphne will do whatever she can to make Niles happy, even w/o knowing how he feels...but somehow I think that will change before this story is complete. I didn't realize how much I'd missed your writing until now! Hope there's more of this soon!

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