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3/31 c171 4artKuzon
This chapter reminded me of something Mercedes said to Dedue (characters from fire emblem 3 houses (amazing game btw)). It was something like "your home and culture were destroyed and your people were killed, but you are still here and you can still tell me about those things and continue their memory". Its' also a funny coincidence how the first part of the game has cloud in its name (white cloud) and that in my first playthrough I played the golden deer route (so a connection to the color yellow too). Anyway, great chapter as always
3/30 c171 1Call.Me.Random
man, that last line

that really sums up aang’s refusal to kill, to bend his morals

he’s the last of the air nomads. if he can’t uphold their teachings, then their teachings are just *gone*
3/15 c170 4artKuzon
As a meme once said, the only member of the gang that does not have emotional damage is momo (at least until the Appa kidnapping thing). Also this story makes me happy because now I appreciate Jet a lot more, but it makes me sad because Jet is probably dead (or maybe not, "it was really unclear"). Anyway, great chapter as always
3/14 c169 82MorgantheFae
Well, you would know the academic terminology to describe this, after all. Happy six years, even though those congratulations don't fit with the tone of this chapter at all.
I gotta say, though, i'm currently obsessed with worldbuilding for my own writing projects, and so i'm really impressed by all the lore you've built and expanded on for the Avatarverse. You've done an incredible job.
3/1 c169 4artKuzon
Wow, words can't describe how good this chapter is. At first I was kind of scared to read it, I can deal with "personal" suffering (and actually like it where there is at least a little bit of consolation in the end), but the "artificial apocalypse" kind of triggers me. And this chapter did trigger me (especially the part when sea walkers didn't believe that the fire nation could do such a thing). But I also loved it, it made me see better the tragedy of the history of the avatar world. And as always your writing is amazing. I always forget to ask, are you a professional writer? Because I would love to read books written by you. Anyway, great chapter as always
2/24 c168 Guest
I'm confused, is the grandma 300 ?
anyway, thanks for the chapter !
2/20 c168 3Kawisdom
I love developments that enhance rather than ignore canon. I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/15 c167 4artKuzon
Oh boy, now I'm curious what Shami is going to say. And your Jet is amazing, because he feels completely in character, but you show his big brother side, wich the show didn't show (writing so many times show was not intended). Now I really hope Jet is alive in canon (because, "it was really unclearand that they will show more of his "good" side.
Great chapter, as always
2/5 c167 artKuzon
Sometimes it's easy to forget what Aang had to endure. Sometimes a responsobility he did not choose makes him forget too.
Great chapter, as always
1/26 c166 82MorgantheFae
Oh, man, that's so rough on Suki. She had no control over her circumstances, but that as much as anything else would lead to the feeling that she's to blame for whatever's going on with the invasion.
1/19 c166 4artKuzon
SUKI NOOOOOOOOOO. I did not expect this. Also, SPOILER I believe that Toph can feel the cold too because being blind she is more sensible to the sun on her skin, I think this is a really nice detail.

great chapter, as always
1/4 c165 artKuzon
I've always felt sorry for the dai li in caldera. Especially when they are banished during Sozin comet. Reading this story made me feel even more sorry. Avatar has always been good at humanizing everyone, even villains, and this story is great at it too. Great chapter as always.
1/4 c165 Dadycoool
Man, it's rough to be Xia right now. Knowing about the Comet and not being able to do anything about it, having a loved one in the line of fire, and now he had to endure the unfulfilled anticipation of the Eclipse Invasion.
(Quietly ignoring that Sozin canonically banned homosexual relationships)
12/23/2021 c164 Guest
thanks for the chapter !
12/23/2021 c164 artKuzon
Sokka feeling sorry for everything is really sad. I think he started feeling overlyresponsible after the men of the tribe went to war. Great chapter, as always
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