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12/22/2021 c164 Sage of Wind Dragons
good reminder in alot of ways the war was on its last legs after the fall of ba sing sae, unless the north threw themselves in whole heartily after that...

barring comet and Avatar shenanigins.

course the implied bit of Bumis, surrender ahead of time, then evacuate, then overthrow the city and then LEAVE... if Ozai was sane hed have not legitimate enemy targets to point and blast, and then the comet passes him by. Save the Northern Water tribe, but I imagine a air invasion would have been hell, and a normal navy invasion take a bit to long... but even at the worse, in a fight for the world the North stayed neutral for fucking decades upon decades, fuck em.

instead Ozai decides hes going to burn the earth kingdom with fireships when... he already occupies Ba Sing Sae, has Omashu and nearly all the rest of the earth kingdom...
which... wtf. was he just starting with his own fucking colonies the fucking mad man? god.

course calling himself the phoenix king... ha.
it is telling ho everyone else in the family is SO MUCH MORE competent then him, useless court critter that he is.

Azula might get a hax victory (should have been the avatar is dead, you betrayed the earth king, and Sozins comet is returning chose your side thing. not im BORN to rule bow to me puny mortals!)

still! living and fighting for a new day! mad respect for Hadoka, as like one of the very few decent leaders we see in the series. Respect!
12/13/2021 c163 2AsiYepYep
12/13/2021 c154 AsiYepYep
Si estoy entendiendo bien, si Ty Lee puede saber su la gente miente o no a través de la lectura de auras, quisás todos los entrenados en bloqueo de chi también puedan. Imagino las posibilidades. Es decir (esto probablemente soy solo yo divagando y no haya posibilidad pero me gusta pensar que si), entre todos los maestros de elementos, son los maestro fuego los que tienen un funcionamiento de chi distinto ya que el suyo es interno, cabría la posibilidad de que ellos estén más sintonizados con la lectura de auras si entrenan lo suficiente.
12/12/2021 c163 9GhostHex
#Aang needs a hug
#a lot of characters need hugs
Softly squish old friends of the family.
12/8/2021 c163 Dadycoool
It makes sense that Aang's friends would talk about him to their kids and especially their grandkids. They definitely didn't know he was the Avatar, but "My best friend among the Air Nomads was this kid named Aang and these are the antics we got up to" sounds a lot like an old-timer story.
12/8/2021 c162 5artKuzon
This was hearrwarming and heartwrenching at the same time. And the part about smellerbee was, in my opinion, a great detail that I'm glad you included. Great chapter as always
11/25/2021 c161 artKuzon
The last sentence is indeed pretty sad. When it happened to me (fortunately on a small thing) it also made me feel guilty, because I felt like I didn't give it the consideration it deserved. Great chapter, as always.
11/24/2021 c162 1Call.Me.Random
this was really sad. ouch. also i love that you right aang in a way you can that like,, he’s twelve. he reads like a twelve-year-old here, the way his thoughts move, and that’s really nice
11/10/2021 c161 9GhostHex
Hm. Very fitting title for this chapter.
11/9/2021 c161 1Call.Me.Random
suki, suki, suki,,, that guilt of yours is awful. you should have that looked at

i like that she doesn’t forgive zuko. i like her reasoning for it. and i’d forgotten that she’d met azula & co in this fic…
11/9/2021 c161 5artKuzon
That final sentence, usually characters don't make good choices when they think that. Great chapter, as always
10/28/2021 c160 9GhostHex
Sokka the dry noodle, happy to have him back.
10/27/2021 c160 5artKuzon
Momo is a good boy. I don't know if it's intentional, but the brains of the two groups (Azula and Sokka) were both in a really bad situation with their health, it's a nice parallel. Great chapter, as always
10/16/2021 c159 Sage of Wind Dragons
as it turns out joining with the cray-cray kin slayer does not work out as intended! shocker.

course annoyed alaays the dai li just stop being a factor, no resolution at the end alas...
10/14/2021 c159 9GhostHex
Too bad you can't kill your emotions. But that's for better or worse.
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