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4/30/2018 c14 1blueandie
Loved how broken Jet's thoughts are in your story - there seems to be some serious PTSD from his childhood and Katara's freezing and the way his thoughts are all over the place adds to that feeling. "that means Li would know everything about the ashes in his heart and the fire in his head" - absolutely loved this. I really like the way you have written them as broken people who actually needs someone to relate to.
4/30/2018 c13 blueandie
All round fun chapter. Zuko as a mother turtleduck and their reactions was objectively hilarious. Smellerbee and the missing war paint is great (loved that Li couldn't recognise her before). The ending packed a good punch, the quiet life Li could have with the destiny Zuko knows he is supposed to have. Loved this.
4/30/2018 c10 blueandie
Loved Lin trying to play with the wheat and how smug Jet was with his solution. I've liked how you have built up some camaraderie between them despite both of them being suspicious of each other's motivations.
4/30/2018 c6 blueandie
Really enjoyed the bit about the smells of cooking tied in with the scents of poverty. Loved "how many members does that old people club count".
4/30/2018 c4 blueandie
This is wonderful. I absolutely love how you write Zuko's inner monologue, both the insecurities and the painful memories and the little things like "wonders who The Duke is. Hopes the child won't sneeze on Jet." It gives the story such a unique flow to it, which I am really enjoying.

Your author note for this chapter was fantastic - so rude of characters hijacking the writing! I like how you've written Jet's thoughts as well, it seems to be an excellent contrast to Zuko's but yeah, a wee bit darker - loved this bit "Li looks so Fire it hurts..."
4/28/2018 c70 2AsiYepYep
Continuación, por favor.
4/28/2018 c56 AsiYepYep
Esta perspectiva es interesante, no pensé que lo harías desde el punto de vista de un soldado de la Nación del Fuego retirado por lesiones y que sufre consecuencias personales y familiares y es la verdad. Este capítulo es una consecución de mi comentario anterior.
4/28/2018 c55 AsiYepYep
Este capítulo es una triste realidad, no se puede esperar que el bando atacante este conformado por monstruos porque también son personas con diferentes contextos y situaciones para enlistarse como soldados y participar activamente en una guerra que desola a todos, no solo a la parte atacada. Sin embargo, el odio y resentimiento es muy comprensible en Jet, pero en nunguna de las partes se debe justificar la crueldad. Una guerra nunca es agradable ni justa.
4/25/2018 c44 AsiYepYep
The Duke es el de pensamiento más claro y sincero.
4/25/2018 c43 AsiYepYep
Estas divergencias culturales y de crianza son dolorosas de leer e interesantes a la vez. Me gusta.
4/19/2018 c70 Guest
Good old Zuko...
4/18/2018 c70 Guest
Yas some Blue Spirit x The Painted Lady ! Omg if something show personality of Katara and Zuko these two spirits are here for that. And the fact Katara is associated with red and Zuko with blue makes me cry.
4/17/2018 c70 13Elf Kid2.0

This is great. I love it. Very good. Yes. Thank You for writing this.
4/4/2018 c69 Guest
Madness and greatness two sides of the same coin but did Zuko say Avatar will baby sit his daughter?
4/3/2018 c69 11MorteSangriz
Parental! Zuko give me life dude! I love this fic c:
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