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10/13/2021 c159 Dadycoool
I wonder if canon!Zuko felt that way before the eclipse. It would certainly explain his reaction to the Gaang goofing off at T-minus three days.
10/13/2021 c159 5artKuzon
"the beach, but bad" is a great dub and one of the reasons people should read author notes. I felt the anxiety, terror, panic and powerlessness of Han. You must do something, but you don't know what, the only thing you know is that even if you knew what to do it would be so hard and demanding that it would feel impossible. Anyway, great chapter as always.
10/3/2021 c157 83MorgantheFae
Usually in English, as an equivalent to monsieur or madame, we'll use Mr./mister for men and Mrs./missus or Ms. for women (the latter is more popular lately because it doesn't imply marriage). Sadly there is no gender-neutral version, like an equivalent to -san, but language is ever-evolving and i have hope. Master used to be fairly common for young men, but it's fallen out of use in the past century or so. I will say, though, that since Tao can be considered a master of the healing arts, it totally works to have Qin address him as Master Tao, and it doesn't feel out-of-place at all, which is what i think you were worried about?
10/3/2021 c158 9GhostHex
Wow. Dragon Azula for a bit. Neat.
9/29/2021 c158 5artKuzon
I'm not gonna lie, you got me on the first half. Great chapter as always
9/17/2021 c157 artKuzon
So true! Calling a stranger or teacher or people you are not familiar with using "you" feels unpolite. Anyway, maybe I'm forgetting something, but reading "Qin would have been outraged" was a surprise (a good one). To me Qin feels like a calm and controlled person (and he is) and I wonder how his anger would come out (would it be a cold calculating anger? a zuko anger? a katara anger? (I'm not asking for an answer to this questions, it's just me wondering about stuff)).
Anyway, great chapter, as always
9/16/2021 c157 Sage of Wind Dragons
Adorbs! Love how culturally no one and nothing have an idea in the other out our fellow groups, the most aware is the most foreign cause he knows he doesn’t know which is fun.

Poor dears got all them rascist issues to deal with. Well Mai does. Course she wants to get drugged out of her mind right now to get rid of feelings! Bad relationship setting.
9/15/2021 c157 9GhostHex
Looks like a change of hair and the like isn't enough to cover up distinct features, especially in the nation they grew up in. Going to have to get more creative, if they get the chance.
9/14/2021 c157 Dadycoool
If we use the Bei Fongs as an example, Toph would be "Miss Bei Fong" semi-formal, or "Ms. Bei Fong" on things like contracts. Her parents would be "Mr. and Mrs. Bei Fong" and technically the more formal way is "Mr. and Mrs. Lao Bei Fong". Since America doesn't have nobility, we wouldn't call them "Lord and Lady", though other English-speaking countries might. I find the Harry Potter series to be a good example of titles and formality.
Since Sekiji is a medical professional, he'd be "Dr. Sekiji". Dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, surgeons, general doctors, they're all addressed as "Doctor".
BTW, I always figured "Mister" and "Ma'am" were derived from their French equivalents, and if you're trying to get a stranger's attention, the most common (non-rude) way is "Excuse me, sir?" or "Excuse me, ma'am?" You're right though, English is a pain in the ass. Three gremlins stacked up in a trench coat, the bastard child of German and French left in a box for the druids to find, and a thug language that beats up others and steals their syntax are all valid descriptions of a far-too-widespread language.
9/14/2021 c157 2BurningTigrex FinalNargacuga
Mr/Mrs. Is usually fine or Sir/Mam
9/2/2021 c156 5artKuzon
I think I said it before, but I really like the fact that secondary characters are really well written. Great chapter
9/1/2021 c156 9GhostHex
Ooh, ouch. Overuse of power causing issues, that can't be helping much on top of what she already has.
8/26/2021 c155 GhostHex
Someone has a reputation with the locals it seems~
8/4/2021 c155 Sage of Wind Dragons
aww poor little porcelain Mai, Life is to difficult and messy and not ordered that slavery of her own mind is preferable.

poor dear.

the OH NO IM A PERSON AHHHH is sad and funny and so teenager.

poor dear! got to find herself some party fun times she can just indulge. go crazy and lose that shame fun times!


ah well.
still! all the bias and cultural fun times of fun. her learning that no dear you are a person with a emotions and that is fine quite being terrified of them... well it shall be a work in process.
8/4/2021 c155 5artKuzon
I could see myself in Mai in this chapter (that part about unwanted feelings and reactions). I hate anger and I'm not very good at letting it out, I didn't know acupuncture could help with that, I will check it out. Thank you for the idea. Anyway great chapter as always. Usually I lose interest in long stories and regain it after some time, but with this one it never happened and I'm still interested as much as I was the first time I read it
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