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8/7/2017 c59 Laurie
FINALLY! I was just thinking, "I haven't seen any Viper-Lizard Tale updates" when the alert came (only I was at work) :( Glad to see it, especially since you're back in Zuko's head, which I've missed. Looking for Aang's next day at school.
8/7/2017 c59 Guest
I love your work can't wait for more. Thanka for all your hard work.
8/7/2017 c59 Guest
Im so glad you updated. I always thought that people like jet and katara really needed to have their eyes opened to who the fire nation people really are. I always thought that there must be soldiers forced to fight. I want katara to learn about constriction. I also can't wait till the whole gang gets a more deatiled look in zukos past. The gang always looked at like zuko was evil then chose to be good. When really it was more then that. With his past especially with his father there was little choice. And in the end was a good person from the beginning a good prince, how he got banished shows that. When zuko takes over as fire lord in the end I think one of the reasons he was so successful is that his people know that. That they knew prince zuko as a good prince but couldn't support him. I always entertained myself thinking he had a secret group of supporters. I mean azula and her dad are crazy on a regular baisis. There must be someone who sees the young prince banished trying to save an innocent batlian his peoplw as someone they want to support. And im sure zuko countiued to reluctantly help his people in some way after his banishment. Thats just a zuko thing to do.
8/7/2017 c59 10Spherebleue
J'suis sur que ça va bien se passer.

Ahahahaha non j'y crois pas.

J'aime comme tout le monde ou presque trouve le comportement de Jet suspect. C'est juste tellement étrange qu'il paraisse calme XD... En même temps c'est vrai que d'habitude, il est toujours en colère. C'est intéressant de voir qu'après Zuko, qui a quand même fait son chemin lui aussi au niveau psychologique, c'est non seulement Jet, mais aussi Katara et Aang qui s'y mette d'une certaine manière. Ils grandissent tellement vite :'D ...
8/7/2017 c59 13Elf Kid2.0
This is a good story. I like it a lot.

I like seeing Zuko's perspective on the matter. I like the baby, and how his first instinct is to calm her, quiet her cries, they are fugitives and crying is not safe... I like that.

Zuko is very wise to be wary of Jet, and of Jet's suddent shift in behavior. I too have concerns about him interacting with a bunch of Fire Nation children. I like the acknowledgement of Aang being a child, and the fact that they don't want to take a sense of normalcy, however temporary, away from him. Jet's arguments are solid, and that too is worrying. I like the fact that Sokka and Katara are also worried, but willing to put it aside for Aang's sake. Everything seems very in-character.

I like how even though Jet is going through an epiphany, a change in perspective, it's clear that other characters can't tell what's going on in his head. They only know that he seems somewhat agitated. That is good writing; it's good when characters aren't accidental mind-readers. This is good, and I like the shifting perspectives, and this is a really great story to read.

This is a good story and I am greatly enjoying it. Thank You so much for writing this. I really needed something like this today. :)
8/7/2017 c59 2KitKatssie
I had to hold in a shriek of joy when i sae this update, i really adore this fic! I enjoyed this chapter, poor kids! The bit with the fire lords portrait killer me! Looking forward to more!
7/1/2017 c58 KitKatssie
Oh man this is really well written! I really like the overall feel of it, it feels a lot like vathara's Embers! Im hoping the gaang ends up understanding each other better lol. Looking forward to more!
6/6/2017 c58 5badculture
I've really enjoyed this fic and wanted to thank you for sharing it!

I especially like Jet's character arc and I can't wait to see where he goes from here. I like the idea of him thinking in black and white - still thinking the fire nation is pure evil with the exception of a few secret traitors hiding among the majority... but it doesn't really take much for regular citizens to qualify for an exemption from pure evil status and next thing you know he's looking around the fire nation like "omg secret resistance fighters everywhere!"
6/3/2017 c32 2Nami Kiryu
It's a good story with an interesting plot, but you could really use a beta reader. For example, there shouldn't be a space between words and '!' or '?'.
5/15/2017 c33 86MorgantheFae
Dawwwww, Toph. She's absolutely my favorite character and i kinda love how she is with Zuko.
5/6/2017 c25 MorgantheFae
I thought Jet would be impressed by the Blue Spirit. It’s kind of weird seeing them bonding over that after the last two chapters, but it totally fits.
5/5/2017 c58 Guest
I like Aang in this chapter
5/5/2017 c58 Guest
Aang or Kuzon is in the school. Aww Onji has a boyfriend? I ship her with Aang! You can spice things up hun it is your fanfic. I am not looking forward to Kataang or Maiko at all.
5/5/2017 c58 10Spherebleue
... ça va terminer mal n'est-ce pas ? J'me souviens même plus de comment ça termine en fait XD ... Aang a l'air de se souvenir de l'ancien temps sans non plus s'y perdre, c'est plutôt pas mal. Bon ok il est complètement inconscient, mais c'est un gamin quoi...
5/3/2017 c22 86MorgantheFae
I haven’t reviewed this story yet, but i really wanted to leave a review for this chapter, even though i’m not sure how to say what i’m feeling. I can see why writing Jet is painful for you; his POV is always so raw, especially in this chapter where he’s struggling with who he’s becoming as much as Zuko is. It’s harder to identify with Jet, i think, but even though Zuko’s exactly what Jet hates most, he’s also someone Jet cares about, and Jet can’t sacrifice that even to rid the world of another firebender or two. Argh, i’m not making myself clear at all, i’m more saying things that are tangential to what i want to say, but this chapter is so good.
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