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4/26/2017 c57 Orion's Left Arm
Once again, amazing work.

Jet's thought processes continue to be wonderfully horrible. Glad to see his "Li and Mushi are just the exceptions" excuse is steadily failing him. Shi seems like a dynamic character so far. I hope he gets his little spotlight for now.

Ty Lee's point of view is actually really interesting. Most people write her as just a (albeit powerful) ditz, but you've placed her as Azula's Trio (plus random Dai Lee agent I'm not sure of just yet but shows promise) emotional center. Well done.

I'm both dreading and hoping for the moment when Zuko's family/old friends find out about him having a half-earth baby. Try explaining she's not biologically his in THAT kind of situation, I dare you...
... Wait.., Oh my God, what'll Mai think?!

Once again, amazing work. I read this entire story in three sittings, one of which ended at 1:30 am before a 7:45 am test.
I have no regrets.
4/19/2017 c14 Orion's Left Arm
Really good so far. "Zuko adopts a kid" stories are pretty common, but this one really stands out.
Love the disjointed writing style. It does a great job of conveying just how messed up these kids really are.
Also, that metaphor of Jet being an earth-bender and Zuko/Li being a steel sword was just beautiful. Especially when I remembered that metal CAN be bent, but only through sheer stubbornness. Beautiful.
4/16/2017 c57 35KatanaDoshi
Fuck you and your brilliant writing. This was good goddamn gorgeous and I love it.
4/13/2017 c1 Guest
Let's mindset seem to change, good to see that. I was also curious about how the episode Aang ran away will be. So when Aang was mistaken as a school child will we see Zuko and Katara as mom and dad or still Katara and Sokka with Lin maybe? I do think scar is too risky for exposure.
4/8/2017 c57 10Spherebleue
... Oh, bon, c'est un sacré pas en avant ça dis voir. Est-ce que Jet commence à sérieusement comprendre que Zuko est pas l'exception ? Et j'aime la manière dont il veut toujours pas appeler Zuko Zuko XD... D'ailleurs est-ce qu'il a fait le lien entre Iroh et le dragon de l'ouest ? Je me souviens plus...
4/6/2017 c57 Laurie
Just asking for Shis name really does mark a shift in Jets mindset. These two are among my favorite chapters in spite of Zukos absence.
4/6/2017 c57 13Elf Kid2.0
This is good.

I really like how you're getting inside Jet's head here. You're showing the conclusions he leaps to initially, you're showing him making connections. I like the thoughts on Pai Sho.

The theory about secret rebels, potential allies, and spies is excellent. Jet's dawning realization at the mention of conscription, and the implications thereof, is excellent. It probably doesn't hurt the glassblower's impression of the situation either, that look of horror that likely came into Jet's eyes.

This is an excellent, excellent story and I am greatly enjoying it. Thank You for writing this.
4/1/2017 c56 Guest
I love character development for Jet. I feed off of it, it keeps me awake at work. Also I am not sure if this is supposed to be soft jetko, but he'll Yeah I'm reading it that way. Can't wait for the gay dad's to get back to taking care of their baby together!
3/17/2017 c56 Violet Avrie
Oops those chapters went by fast! I was planning to leave more reviews. I'll make this especially long to make up for it!
I love Hakoda. He's great. (Hakodad LOL!)
Aangsty Aang always annoyed me in this bit. Like dude you're not pretending to be dead FOREVER. it's not like you're running away from the war to live a peaceful life under the guise of being dead. Everyone will be super stoked when you show up all not-dead in a few weeks! Chillax bro!
Still excited for fire school student Aang! That will never not be hilarious. I wonder how Jet and Zuko will fit in that story line?
Also still missing me some cute Lin times. When she gets to talking age I'm going to DIE.
I was expecting the next time we saw Jet he'd have already blown up a town but I like this route! I'm excited for how he'll react when he starts to realize that the fire nation is as much afraid of the fire lord as he is, but just can't voice it. It seems very parallel to Zuko Alone. I dig it!
Which brings me to Shi! I like him a lot. His mindset and story remind me a lot of Iroh.
That's all I got for now! I look forward to reading more! Next time you update and I reread the whole thing I'll make sure to leave more reviews throughout instead of obsessively going to the next chapter lol.
3/17/2017 c19 Violet Avrie
Uuuugh this hurts me. That he'd abandon Lin to someone he doesn't trust with her and just take off makes me so frustrated! It makes me think of like a drug addicted parent who ditches their kid somewhere so they can get their fix. WHYYY Zuko nooo. I love you so much why must you hurt me like this
3/17/2017 c2 Violet Avrie
Heyooo! I saw you updated so here I am, rereading from the beginning! This chapter had me tired for Zuko. Pity-tired? Sympathetic Sleepiness? I'll try to remember to review as I read!
3/12/2017 c56 1the17thmuse
This story is amazing beyond words. Every POV is unique, and so in character. I am speechless.
3/11/2017 c3 46dreamingnina
This is the third "Zuko adopts a baby" I've found and now that I know it's apparently a thing, I need to find them all! The idea of it is is almost unbearably adorable, because Zuko has so much love in his heart and he desperately needs to be loved. The chapters are short but really easy to read and I like the prose style of the first chapter. Zuko's emotions are tangible as you describe them, it pains me to read. Of this chapter, I love this line because it just made me smile, imagining it:
"Uncle already had to cut his beard shorter after tickling the kid a bit too much."
3/11/2017 c56 4blobfishmiffy
Poor jet, though
3/7/2017 c56 10Spherebleue
... Et Jet s'enfonce encore plus dans les méandres de l'incompréhension.

J'aime beaucoup ce chapitre. C'est sympa d'avoir un point de vue d'un vétéran de la guerre, mais d'un vétéran du feu pour un coup. Et de voir à quel point eux aussi en prennent plein les dents dans l'histoire. Ça me fait penser aux vétérans de la première guerre mondiale, qui au final voulaient quasi tous la paix à la fin. Ils militaient même contre la seconde il me semble ... :/
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