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11/15/2016 c52 Guest
Mother turtle Zuko :((( And I am sad Aang ran away :/ Hope they will find him soon.
11/14/2016 c52 121Kimberly T
The better FFNet readers understand that sometimes RL gets in the way of writing, and we simply must be patient for updates. Really, a one-month delay between chapters is far better than the average for some fics!
Geez, from the way Katara's thoughts jump all over the place, she must be almost as unsettled as the storm-driven seas they're crossing. (Oooh, that's a thought; can the state of the water nearby influence a waterbender's mood, instead of always the other way around?)

So Jet's going to the Fire Nation with the Gaang, eh? Feel free to give him Sokka's paranoiac lines from the start of "The Headband".
11/14/2016 c52 13Elf Kid2.0
This is excellent. I love Katara's emotions here. I like the fact that she Wants to trust Zuko, but finds it difficult because he is Fire Nation and because he is distant. I like the image of him as a mother turtle-seal. (Him with a turtle shell is shockingly perfect. And also hilarious.) I like the fact that this points out that Zuko can breathe fire, and that this is a rare and impressive move.

Her worry about Aang is tangible, and very good to read.

I am amazed that anyone thinks letting Jet in on the mission to the Fire Nation is a good idea. I agree that Katara should watch him very closely, as should everyone else. Zuko in the Fire Nation will be... interesting. He has a very recognizable face, and it would be... odd for a person of high-ranking mannerisms to be traveling with a bunch of Colony bumpkins. This will be very interesting.

This is a good story and I am greatly enjoying it. Thanks for writing this. :)
11/14/2016 c52 BBLimits
Where is the kudos button when you need it?
Katara's point of view was super nice to read (though really, why has Jet decided to go?) Also, the image of Zuko as a mother turtle seal'll never leave my mind now ;)
I'm guessing Lin is with them because a) Zuko didn't want to leave her alone and b) he wanted her to see his home?
10/29/2016 c43 5Therna Blakeheart
This chapter.
This chapter is amazing. The way the Hakoda knows there are differences and reflects on them, the way he ponders on cultural differences between Sokka and Zuko... Ah it's so well done and I just admire you for pulling this off so flawlessly.
10/27/2016 c51 Guest
You are an amazing writer. Can't wait for your updates and to see where this story goes. The characters are beautifully complex. As far as constructive criticism goes, it seems as if the characters all have a similar inner "voice" even if the chapter changes. Which I get it, that's your writing voice, and I do see some differences when you write different characters...maybe those differences could be brought out more. Also, the lack of dialogue is really interesting, but it causes some issues with clarity. I like your story and writing so much though, you are so talented. Keep up the good work :)
10/26/2016 c51 34ManofManyHats
"Could be worse but still fucking bad"... I feel that reading this sentence has made me understand Zuko on a whole new level. Glad you're having fun in college!
10/23/2016 c51 121Kimberly T
Given everything that's happened to Zuko and the horrible things he's had to do lately, a bout of self-pity every now and then is not only understandable but I dare to say justified.
If Katara's emotional turmoil is so overwhelming that even Zuko sees it, then Sokka must have definitely noticed it; wonder if he's tried to talk to her about it, and what came of that?
10/8/2016 c50 34ManofManyHats
I've gotta say, after a couple of months of no reading, it is so refreshing to just binge on this story for a few chapters. The voice of the story just carries over so smoothly. You don't even feel 10 chapters fly by. Sadly, I now join the ranks of those waiting for an update.
10/6/2016 c50 13Elf Kid2.0
This is excellent. You've done an amazing job of understanding and conveying Aang's feelings at this juncture. The feelings of failure, the anger at himself, all of it... And the fact that his friends don't seem to get t, don't seem to understand the problem, all of it fuels into his feelings here.

The bit about his tattoos, and why he refused to hide them. This is excellent. You gave me feels and I don't know what to do with them.

Aang not wanting to talk to Zuko is something I can understand. It makes a lot of sense, as does Zuko wanting to talk to him. I think it makes sense. I also think that Aang SHOULD have talked to Zuko. I doubt either of them realize it as of yet, but I think Zuko is in the best position to understand Aang's perspective right now. And I'm not just saying that because of that last line.

Oh my stars that last line. Excellent! I love it. I am really enjoying this fic! Thank You or writing it!

(P.S. Sorry I didn't review sooner. I've been REALLY busy lately, now that classes have started up. I promise I'll keep reviewing; it might just take me a little while longer. Again, this is a fantastic fic and I am greatly enjoying it.) :)
10/6/2016 c50 Iris
And honor-itis strikes again.
10/2/2016 c50 4blobfishmiffy
Aw Aang my baby
9/30/2016 c47 kostigan
Katara seems a bit off in this chaptet. Didn't she start to warm up to Zuko?
9/30/2016 c50 Guest
Aang is flying? Holy shhh.. But I wish the story featured baby and Zuko more since the AU is about them.
9/30/2016 c50 121Kimberly T
Yup, cue Aang being stupidly stubborn. (If Iroh was there, it's possible he'd comment on how he's finding the situation familiar... ;)
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