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8/19/2016 c44 Guest
Reading The Duke's POV was interesting. He is a child so he is obviously confused about everything but I am sure he isn't the only confused one. I would love to read more about Lin's fire incident, how people reacted when they learned she is a fire bender too. End is it Book 3, when will Aang wake up and realize they are traveling with Zuko?
8/19/2016 c44 13Elf Kid2.0
I like Duke's perspective on this. I also like the emphasis on how young he is- it's easy to forget that sometimes, considering that he worked with Jet, and how gung-ho he always seemed regarding the war.

I REALY want some more insight into the incident in which Lin set Sokka's arm-hair on fire. That was probably when everyone found out about her firebending. And oooh, I really understand why things were tense after that.

It was a good idea to use the Duke's perspective for this one. It helps break the tension, and keeps the story from feeling to angsty. (Not that there's such a thing as too much angst!)

This is truly excellent. Thank You for writing this. :)
8/18/2016 c43 Laurie
First, thanks for updating. I know making time to write can be tough but this story is worth time, to read and to write, so thanks for taking time for it. Your decision not to depict the fight has me torn. This isn't primarily an action story but I wonder what Zuko thought during the fight. Did Jet watch him and worry in spite of himself? I did enjoy Bato and Hakoda's chapters. Maybe the new viewpoints are the best way to see Zuko in this new setting. We readers need to see how he and Jet create a place for themselves with this new, initially hostile group. I'm looking forward to your next update.
8/11/2016 c43 Bookwyrm52
I love that you go into the perspective differences caused by differing cultures.
8/11/2016 c43 121Kimberly T
It seems Hakoda is well on his way to understanding Zuko better than anyone else alive, except perhaps for Iroh. Which is all to the good; Zuko needs more allies.

I predict Katara's going to be even -more- upset with her father than she was in canon, when she sees Hakoda talking to Zuko in nearly the same way he talks to Sokka. Assuming, of course, she's feeling the same way she did in canon, all that unspoken and irrational-but-still-present resentment of him for leaving her and Sokka behind nearly three years ago. Seeing him so familiar with Zuko, she's apt to think (again, irrationally, but sorta-semi-understandably) that it's proof somehow, that she and Sokka aren't as important to her father as they used to be...
8/11/2016 c42 3Hopewords
Oh mani really want the others to hear the whole story behind how Zuko recieved his scar. It would be so interesting to he's their reactions
8/11/2016 c43 13Elf Kid2.0
This is excellent.

Hakoda understands about a leader having to make sacrifices for the good of the majority of his people. It is shocking to see one as young as Zuko have to understand that as well. This may be especially difficult, given that he was banished after objecting to sacrificing a unit of (new recruits) soldiers to win a larger battle.

Hakoda's perception of Zuko is interesting. He views him as a potential threat, an unknown element. He knows that the Prince (he always thinks of him in the formal title) is on the same side as them, but he doesn't understand why. And then, Zuko explains. And he does it very well.

I like how Zuko 'is kneeling in total submission, has been since he entered the tent'. He is behaving towards Chief Hakoda as he was taught to behave in an audience with the Fire Lord. To a person from the more relaxed etiquette/hierarchical system of the Water Tribe, sch behavior is... concerning.

I love the detail you put into this, the cultural differences. Having a different cultural background can change quite a bit, and make communication difficult. I like how you've explored that here.

This is a good story, and I am greatly enjoying it. :)
8/11/2016 c43 Guest
Omg you updated the story! Seriously Fire Nation reminds me my nation a little, when it comes to royality, favoring of the younger children, sending our princess to different cities so they can learn to be a leader. I love the way Hakoda adreeses Zuko's two different side. He is a child but still a prince. Maybe Hakoda can try to fill Iroh's gap.
8/11/2016 c43 BunheadBookworm
Hi there! I'm glad you updated so soon.
This chapter is great, I loved reading how Hakoda sees Zuko (who is very in-character). Congrats!
8/8/2016 c42 Guest
I just found your story and read all of the chapters! I love the idea way you write and using different P. through out the story. Especially Sokka and Toph were funny to read. Bato is interesting and I love how he tries to understand and get close to Zuko. I am waiting to see how Hakida will approach Zuko and what will they talk. So now I am waiting for the Chapter 43.
8/2/2016 c42 Bookwyrm52
Really like getting an outsiders perspective! Poor Bato, good luck there, although Hakoda can probably see the child, Zuko is Sokka's age after all.
8/2/2016 c42 121Kimberly T
Grim. But necessary to the story, methinks.
8/2/2016 c42 13Elf Kid2.0
This is excellent. I liked the fact that you talked about Sokka's first kill. I liked how you described Jet's fighting style. I also was interested in how Bato noted Zuko's skill with the swords. He may become even more worried if he asked Zuko if all firebenders had weapons training and Zuko told him "No; I learned to fight with swords because I'm not very good at firebending and I don't want to die". That would be... a very interesting conversation all around.

I glad that Bato is taking an interest in Zuko's wellbeing. I wish he had decided to have the conversation with Zuko himself, but I understand why he thought Hakoda would be better suited to the task. I look forward to reading that interaction.

This is a really cool story and I am greatly enjoying it.
7/23/2016 c1 Laurie
If Avatar had been aimed at an older audience, the scripts might have read like this. Jet and Zuko are both damaged and human. Their friendship could have changed both their paths in the cartoon, just as you've depicted in this well-realized AU.
7/22/2016 c1 1KnightOwl247
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