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3/9/2016 c5 2aquabless
Nice chapter! That ending sure had me smiling :D
3/8/2016 c4 anon
I really like this idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the gaangs reaction. Keep it up!
3/8/2016 c4 ArrayePL
Lovely. You are very good in capturing Jets character. Seems that Katara had at least a little bit of influence on him or maybe Jet backed off because he held the baby Lin in his hands?
3/8/2016 c2 ArrayePL
I'm wondering. Since Zuko had the baby with him already, the events from the episodes The chase and Bitter Work didn't happened? I don't think he would fight Azula leaving the baby without supervision.
3/7/2016 c3 ArrayePL
I wonder if Jet will go easier on them in your story, when he sees Iroh's bending, since he thinks of Lin and Zuko as war children? I really like the way you bit by bit change Zukos character.
3/6/2016 c1 2Tactful Fic-Addict
Is it a boy or girl!?
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