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3/9 c3 imanhaziqj65
eren literally killed two people when he was like, 10 or sum why would he hesistate now
8/29/2021 c4 1Drcaus
What if the Rumbling in The Empire
10/22/2020 c1 50 cent
I think you should redo this story over again no offense but you could make it better the way they came in night raid reaction and there reaction wasn't that realistic enough but it your story do you man
9/21/2020 c4 5LoneWolf427
Jean and Mine? Not quite the ship I'd imagine, but I'm certainly not against it. I hope when the time comes to introduce Seryu Ubiquitous, I'd like to see Titan Eren face off against the Bulked up Koro. I hope this story picks back up again. It's got a lot of promise
9/4/2020 c1 dick
when you say 8 mouths you meant 5 years until 2021 :(
8/26/2020 c1 Gaylord
you should rewrite this story because attack on titan new seasons and everything different now
8/26/2020 c1 Noob number 100
so after you finish those other two stories you gonna finish this right
8/7/2020 c1 Some moron
You gonna finish this right
8/5/2020 c1 Red army
Update this story before you finish those other ones please
7/14/2020 c1 Secret police
You will update this story or I will report you to the minister
7/14/2020 c1 Nobody
It 2020 update damn you
3/3/2020 c5 Guest
Man I'm hooked to the story. I really like how you've weaved Levi and his crew into the AgK universe. I hope a new update comes out soon because you got yourself a new reader
12/26/2019 c1 Guest
Please continue this story! It has a lot of potential to be great!
11/7/2019 c1 Darius Crawford2
Eren x Mikasa
Levi x Akame
Armin x Leone
Jean x Sheele
Tatsumi x Mine
Wave x Kurome
8/26/2019 c4 30shinshinjane
No Eren and Mikasa. Please.
Though Eren and Akane that would be interesting.
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