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8/5/2016 c6 PichuAlt3
Just a little note before I begin, I changed my username, because Phillip wasn't my real name in the first place, nor is it the username I've been going with on various sites any more. AveragePichu is what I've been using just about everywhere starting on October 3, 2015, and I thought I should give you a heads-up now that I've finally gotten around to updating it.

Anyway, this was all very well written. There was not an error in sight, the plot was as engaging as any PMD plot during the first playthrough, and reading this was overall an enjoyable experience. I did keep envisioning the ending taking place at Vast Ice Mountain Summit rather than Temporal Pinnacle, but that's probably because there were so many similarities to special episode 5.
7/24/2016 c3 PichuAlt3
I forgot to check my followed stories for multiple months, which is why this review is late. That said, I don't actually have anything to say. There were no noticeable errors to point out, nor anything else I thought was worth noting in a review.
7/23/2016 c6 11ProfessorLugia
What a way to end this story arc. I love your explanations of time-travelling and such. I say that every time, but it's true! It all connects with your other story, which is neat, and Dialga's explanation of how he was able to control time sort of easily was cool! I look forward to the next story, whatever that may be!
7/22/2016 c6 Tony Anderson
Great job. Looking forward to Her Story.
7/22/2016 c6 8PsychicEevee0103
Might I just say I fangirled SO hard SO often in this chapter. I mean, what's there not to love? Can't wait for Her Story, to continue! Now then, please excuse me so I can reread For the Mission, since it's been a while since I read it.
7/13/2016 c5 Emblem of Light
There you go, folks: the game-changer.

I don't think I can say anything else but good job. Good on you...
7/13/2016 c5 Tony Anderson
Great job. Looking forward to the conclusion of this side story. :)
7/13/2016 c5 11ProfessorLugia
Amazing chapter! It was pretty fast-paced, and I liked the inclusion of all the different team members and such! Plus I liked the little thing about Martha being jealous of Grovyle's closeness to Nate. It was kind of romantic, and not forced. There's always a fine line between forcing a relationship between two characters and just letting it happen, and you've always been on the latter side, which is good. I look forward to the final chapter.
7/13/2016 c5 8PsychicEevee0103
I knew it was Team Skull,I knew it, and I knew the unevolved Pokemon had evolved, yet I still expected Koffing and Zubat and not Weezing and Golbat. I guess I got so used to thinking of them like that, I forgot they'd changed.
6/13/2016 c4 Tony Anderson
Nice work.
6/12/2016 c4 PsychicEevee0103
And so we have progression. Not my favorite so far, but not terrible either.
To quote one of my favorite Fanfic writers, "See you when I see you." ;)
6/12/2016 c4 11ProfessorLugia
Well, then... This one was very interesting. I do like the time-travelling bit where it was practically instantaneous upon leaving, then returning. It makes me think back to all of the past experiences in the PMD world, and I must say, you make it work! It actually makes sense to me! I look forward to the next chapter!
4/28/2016 c3 Tony Anderson
Nice job. Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/27/2016 c3 ProfessorLugia
This chapter is very interesting! I like how you accentuated how frail humans are compared to pokémon. And when Dusknoir had to put on his act, you made it seem like he was actually putting on a good charade, fooling Grovyle, Nate and the Sableye at the same time! Also, thank you for the shoutout, and I look forward to the next chapter!
4/27/2016 c3 8PsychicEevee0103
I'm lucky I stayed up later than I wanted, or it would've taken me until the morning to see this. Not my favorite of your work, but a lot happens, and we see the lullaby that 'Ian' used to find Grovyle in the past.
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