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for Smoak'n Hot

4/6/2017 c10 a.swim.1217
So good! Please update!
1/24/2017 c9 lipamo
Wonderful story! perfect au. Love it
7/29/2016 c8 96temari80
To Stephen Brooker and anyone else wondering I plan to update this story very soon! If your interested in me doing so please leave a comment right here. I have had a bad case of writers block so hopefully I can get something out
7/29/2016 c8 Stephen Brooker
Hi there your story was great I am not one for reading stories but I just had to read all your story when I started it I would like to ask you when you will be updating because I would love to know how it finishes if Oliver & felicity get married & if they have any more children & if they get the people who are trying to kill her & her family
Thanz for a great story
Stephen Brooker

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