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5/26 c5 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please.
5/6 c5 1MysticRising
Again you prove to me why you are among my favorite writers. Honestly it's a shame we don't find more bleach fanfics of this quality, or good quality in general. Suprisingly many of the stories seem so stale. And crossovers focus on naruto/harry potter and emphasis on those characters leaving ichigo as a side character. In truth I dislike those 2 fandoms precisely because of how little variety there is in stories. I would like stories focused on other characters for a change.
3/19 c5 Floating Ash
Huh. Curious to see how this turns out and your version and conversion of Bleach into Sailor Moon.
7/7/2019 c2 nanox876
Will this include aspects of the Bleach Light Novel Can't Fear Your Own World?
5/18/2019 c5 9Sora with an S
Nice melding of the worlds... no bashing...

Double thumbs up!
12/29/2018 c5 UseFistNotMouth
I normally do not prefer fusions but this is well done.
12/3/2018 c5 Evil Reviewer
We want updates!
11/28/2018 c1 1Walberino
Good history please keo on it.
But in the beginnin of Bleach Ichigo only had some basic karate training and a lot of combat instincts and street fighting experience but lacks real martial techniques, depending mostly on his instincts and reflexes.
11/7/2018 c4 pwtcmcneil
the start killing sh!t one
11/7/2018 c5 Sandaime Hokage
Great fic so far looking forward to reading more
7/15/2018 c3 bobbihachet
I like that Usagi is 12 years old. If she’s only in her first year of junior high, it makes her shirking her responsibility as a Sailor Scout a lot more relatable. At 14, she’s deemed a whiny, selfish coward. Now, I’m more inclined to sympathize to her because how could someone force a 12-year-old girl to fight monsters? Amazing what a two-year difference can do to characterization.

What’s more, making her younger dissuades romance. Ichigo doesn’t seem inclined toward romance either. In his flashbacks, his only direct interactions with women are platonic. He reveres Queen Serenity and he treats the princess as a charge and kid-sister. The genre is Adventure/Fantasy so I hope you keep the focus on those aspects.

Even if you did pair up Usagi and Ichigo in the end, at this point of the story it would be downright creepy because she’s only a year or two older than Yuzu and Karin. (Granted this would make her crush on Tuxedo Mask even more problematic…)

Take your time. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
5/12/2018 c5 Tsukishiro Sayuki
I say right now, Keigo have shirou rank E luck, its good that Ichigo go with him.
He most certanly find Yoma's.
5/11/2018 c5 aliestrikehero
Is it just me or is this chapter seem like it was cut off early?
5/2/2018 c5 Silber D. Wolf
4/22/2018 c2 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
Since Fullbrings are created when a Hollow fails to kill a human when they attack them and that human has a child, could Chad still get his fullbring if you just replace hollow with Yoma and say interacting with them causes some sort of mutation in a person’s DNA that give’s their children the ability to use power’s like a Yoma’s but different since they’re humans. I ask because Chad never gets the respect he deserves, he was able to hold his own against a high level hollow (high level for that point in the series) despite not being able to see it, yet after that he was pretty much the Worf of Bleach, supposedly a badass, but always getting their ass kicked to show how dangerous a villain was, though that could be said about most of the characters in bleach who weren’t either Ichigo or a Captain/Lieutenant.
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