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for Flash Forward: Naruto Edition

1/2 c6 Guest
This didn't follow along with the book or show. Couldn't fucking follow along.
1/2 c14 Samuel Santillan
I liked!
You can go up chapter 15 to see another part of Naruto's future like Naruto's battle against Gara, or Naruto in the war when he finally transforms into the kyuby and fights against the other jinchurikis.
You can also upload chapter 4 of Son of Luck I liked that story.
happy new year, take care in 2021.
12/13/2020 c14 BrentNewland
I know you said you wouldn't do parents, but you should really think about doing hiashi. I think the boruto scene with the birthday picture where he gets really emotional would get some great reactions. Besides him, maybe have team ebisu? Moegi can show off her wood style, konohamaru with his team. Or Anko, you can show how she gets fat from dango. Also, like everyone in the anime, you forgot about shino. Oh, there's also iruka.
12/8/2020 c14 4Lavendor Queen
Oh I kinda hoped Asuma's chapter would have been his death, since they saw Neji's death. Plus, all the future sightings have been very distant in the future, so I would have assumed they would all be either in the very far future or of their deaths, not in the near future
11/29/2020 c1 Gokuto
i just realised, theyre reading the future, how do they know what the character feels
11/17/2020 c14 2Kamui Raiu
Bruh you didn't mention Shino... Bruh...

Still though if you're doing Gai next I'd recommend his fight with Madara, I wanna see their reaction to the Uchiha calling him the strongest shinobi.
11/13/2020 c14 halsey11mc
Hope you continue
10/28/2020 c13 candrariski155
Oke uppp
10/19/2020 c14 5Anarky'sBeastBakugo
I kinda want to see the next chapter being Gai's fight with Madara, or Kurenai with Mirai and Lee with Metal XD
10/14/2020 c14 cherry
please update.
10/7/2020 c12 Buster keel
Oh my gosh, im so gald you're back
10/1/2020 c14 KatzeIason69
I definitely loved this and getting to see the character watching their future selves or past.. I so can't wait for more do please make it soon..
9/29/2020 c14 samanthasherman78
u forgot shino as well
9/8/2020 c14 A1B
please update
8/30/2020 c1 Visual Bliss
Naruto's flash forward should have been the episode where he and Kurama start working together
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