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for Saving the Saviour

1/31 c29 mumphie
Been going through this again. Still loving it. Hope that your real life can give you some time to continue on with your fanfic writing. Would love to know what you are planning. ;)
1/31 c24 mumphie
Doing a reread. Was wondering why Lily didn't help Harry's mind from eaves-droppers too?
1/15 c30 Prewishjay13
I hoped this fanfic would have been continued it was nice. The first chapter where remus was so damm protective over harry.. i always wished that sirulius wasnt the only one that cared like that for harry but remus as well. Itnwas nice to read.
10/30/2023 c1 Guest
5/6/2023 c1 Guest
3/7/2023 c30 scrappy8
I was wondering when you will have a update on your stories
12/20/2022 c3 Guest
11/13/2022 c30 AHarryPotterLover1
Pleeeease, update this story! It's so GREAT!
I'm loving it!
8/7/2022 c30 Mewpagano
please continue!
5/5/2022 c30 1JGirl135
I know by now that this story has likely been abandoned, but I love it so much! If there is anyway yiu can continue it, it would be greatly appreciated! Its an amaxing story, and judging by the comments, Im not the only one who thinks so!
5/4/2022 c30 wiebenor
I know this is probably unfinished, and likely abandoned by now, but wow... This is one of the many books that I have read over the past few weeks that are really good, yet haven't been updated in forever... There's a few newer ones that are really good too, but very few stories I've read in this "soul bond" style, much less as slow and passionate as this one, have ever been finished, although, it's probably because of the will to make the books as detailed and as slow paced as possible... I mean, most "finished" soul bond stories gloss over certain things in their day to day life and tend to cover a whole years worth of action instead of just the 2 or 3 months depicted here, albeit most of the "action" takes place in either St Mungo's, or the healer's quarters off of madame pomfrey's office, which would be a reason why it feels so slow moving... Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing where this story is concerned, because for this story this plotline just works, where it wouldn't in almost any other story...

All that said, if there's a chance of the author reading this, I will say this, "if this book is not totally abandoned, know that whether I review any chapters or not, on this or any other books of yours I like, know that once I 'like' a book, death itself couldn't keep me away from it and if it is abandoned, it would be so wonderful if you could bring this story out of retirement, if you have any spark or memory left that would help you finish this story"...
4/8/2022 c30 Just William
Has this story been abandoned? Sad if it has.
2/14/2022 c30 Ivia Rodrigues
Ohhh...por favor! Continue está história,!
1/1/2022 c5 Prewishjay13
I swear you are doing this on purpose. First the best scene ever between molly and harry and now another sweet scene between tonks and harry. I love the family fluff like this. And how u slowly build up harry and ginny is so nice. I love this
1/1/2022 c4 Prewishjay13
First of..great work! Also... props to you! And for all i care j.k. rowling can go suck it (respectfully) u just wrote the best harry and molly scene i have EVER read anywhere! And trust me i have real A LOT of fics. Props! Absolutely brilliant and sweet
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