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for A Wizard in Special Circumstances

12/14/2016 c2 Parks98
I am so confused about this since I just read the chapter they are talking about...wait so Harry DOES have a little machine (thing) that tells him what to do? Interesting and honestly I would expect a hyper advance civilization that is supposedly a "utopia" to have a background check on someone they want to adopt. I mean really they could have done so in seconds and investigated which wouldn't lead to Harry being scared/traumatized
11/13/2016 c2 3TheMadDalek
Interesting start, wonder where it will go..

Yes it does seem to have a few similarities to the fic called Culture Shock by Ruskbyte, which does seem to be on hold if it isn't actually abandoned.
9/17/2016 c1 HortonX25

Higurashi X Culture?

I like it, funny thing is it's normally the Culture that's the OP one in these things, but compared to Featherine/Hanyuu, the Culture are nothing. :P
8/13/2016 c2 Shivers82
Great to see someone continuing the story. I am just starting Mr. Bank's books but the premise is cool. Looking forward to more.
6/14/2016 c2 Ziactrice
This is awesome. I flashed back to high position Romans hiring barbarian bodyguards because they would STAY bought. Native Romans could be bribed into betrayal.

On a writing note, the homophones have been improperly swapped once that I noticed in this chapter.
3/12/2016 c2 2spescontramundum
I'm glad you didn't have a dialogue between the hat and Harry - even though that's common and I'm sure it was tempting - it would have made this much lengthier and likely would have completely ruined the rhythm you've established so far. Though I'm very much looking forward to more of the hat, there are so many possibilities there :)

Hint. Hint.

Also, I'm weird and, so, happy to wade through any sort of prose, however dense, but this chapter _is_ easier to read than the first. Though I admit that may be just because you've gotten the initial setup/information-blast out of the way.
3/12/2016 c1 spescontramundum
The whole Harry-as-√úbermensch thing really works with this crossover (which I'm sure was the intention.) And I like his character... that he isn't a poor-little-genius type, which even HPMOR-Harry began to have problems with.

I do wish I knew more about the referers [sic?] though, I think I would enjoy this even more...
3/11/2016 c2 Arthorius
There was another crossover similar to this one years ago, it was abandon/dead. It was quite good being over 200,000 words... Forget the title of it...

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