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11/25/2019 c16 1BeneathYouICrunch
Can't wait until next update
11/8/2019 c16 10ultima-owner
that was cool
8/28/2017 c15 ultima-owner
interesting trinket
4/8/2017 c14 FairyTailfangirl
9/19/2016 c14 Bobby
Hey, I have a question about Xander, you did mention that you'll do Xander centric fic in your profile?
Will that be a crossover or not?
If cross, where will we see Xander, Fairy Tail, Stargate, Herbie, Broken Sky or Harry Potter fandoms. Or something completely different?
Will he stay in Sunnydale or will he strike out into the word and shined on his own?
9/19/2016 c13 Mari
You used non furry Furlings, like StarGate Furlings? Those furlings?
That's unexpected, but not in the bad way. Evryone is hearing Furlings and think Ewoks (myself included). So this was welcome and different take on one of the four races.
9/19/2016 c12 Mari
It is Herbie!
And Fred, now I only need Lorne and I'm happy girl!
But I'm kinda worried for the parents. Sure Hank doesn't get parent of the year award. (reading Fields of Joy, I know more about Hank - and I wold like to see the Summers family reconcile and Catharine to tell Hank that she is his biological mom)
9/19/2016 c11 Mari
Pranks and Dads and Cars ... hello Herbie!
It is that car right, will be any other characters from movies show up down the line?
9/19/2016 c10 Mari
Oh Totems of Ra from spin off of BtVS - Angel. I'm guessing that Jasmin plans went up in smoke in some way?
Wait didn't you say somewhere in third or forth chapter (Buffy tells that to Samuel)that Acnologija is Natsu's and Zeref's father?
Will be there any other Angel characters like Lorne or Fred or Gun!
9/19/2016 c9 Mari
This was funny chapter, I laughed, nice back and fourth with Buffy and Natsu conversation. And now we are going to the LA Arc?
9/19/2016 c8 Mari
Now I know which possible Golden Key will be Buffy's-is it Virgo?
9/19/2016 c7 Mari
That was awesome writing of the fight, you didn't just copy paste the original fight between Bora and Nastu with added Buffy. But you used all characters well. I'm glad I found this fic.
9/19/2016 c6 Mari
Aww you blocked the fated meeting!
I love how you portray Samuel he is IC something original.
Should I feel sorry for Bora?
9/19/2016 c5 Mari
That was a good fight, great portrayal of characters. Glad you remembered that Buffy uses her head during fighting. And taunting her opponents.
Huh was that Natsu in Fresia?
I hope you expand in how Lahar (I like that guy) and Buffy know each other.
And that stats at the end are very helpful, but now I'm iterated which keys (golden ones) will Buffy get?
9/19/2016 c4 Mari
Will Buffy get Angel's keys now to Aries, Scorpio and Gemini? I don't even doubt Buffy kicking Angel's feathery ass. :)
Will you do an Omake or flashback about Buffy's stay in the capital?
Is that Samuel from from the clock arc in anime?
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