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for double jeu

12/23/2020 c18 4cyiusblack
update soon
12/22/2020 c1 cyiusblack
super story
8/27/2020 c18 10FeuCeleste
(My language skills are quite limited, please excuse me for that and know that I would like to say more, but oh, anyway... x'D) I loved this story, each chapter has been a true pleasure ! If there is an update one day, I will definitely be there to read.
I just didn't understand what was going on with the other author, because I saw on the website (whose link is in the previous chapter) that there wasn't activity either... So, I hope everything's okay and that you guys were able to contact each other. :o
Anyway. Thank you for these great moments of reading. 3
8/24/2020 c15 FeuCeleste
I’m... melting /cries/<3 This is adorable. I love this fanfiction, it’s amazing!
8/21/2020 c17 Mysticfire98
Hello, I know you said you wouldn’t be able to update anymore, but when I tried to add on the end of the URL you gave us to the Archive of Our Own website, it didn’t find any page. Is there a title or site where I can read the end of the story please?
8/12/2020 c1 Crazy Random Writer
8/4/2020 c1 Guest
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5/20/2020 c8 1HamClad
I agree with this. I think that in order to form a stronger and more genuine relationship, each one of the two has to spend more time with the other's alter ego that they are not romantically attracted to, so that they can get a better glimpse of the person behind the mask. I really like the MariChat pairing because Marinette tends to be more open in her original self while it's the opposite for Adrien. Thus, their relationship feels much more natural and less stifled by the fronts that each of them put up.
5/20/2020 c8 HamClad
I love the double revelations going on with both Marinette and Chat Noir simultaneously.
4/24/2020 c18 BookaholicWeeb
Amaaaazinggggg! Loving the story so far 3 :)
4/19/2020 c18 50Neyane
Aaaaah, no, I want the end of the story! How they finally would be able to do the identity reveal, hopefully without being distracted by some random akuma!
Anyway, I'm stull happy this story had more chapters here than the available parts on You Tube as a Comic Dub.
Merci beaucoup pour cette histoire en tout cas ;)
2/6/2020 c18 halina.gol
This story is brilliant, you HAVE to make a new chapter.
1/10/2020 c18 Flower
I love this story so much! I understand if you won't be able to finish it, but I would absolutely love keep reading it. You have done really well keeping to the original characters and story while making a beautiful one of your own. It's great!
1/3/2020 c10 1HamClad
This is what I crave. Not the grand reveal-heavens know that we've got more than enough of that on this site-but the interactions between the two when they are trying to find out more and more about the other.. let each other into their other life...it's pretty satisfying to read.
1/3/2020 c11 HamClad
Lol, this almost sounds like the classic 'finding the glass shoes situation' from Cinderella.
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