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11/24 c5 1Flumerfelt92
while I am clearly not as upset as the guest below, it does seem weird that Naruto let's Rias push him around, I mean it's not he asked for the marriage in the first place
11/17 c5 Guest
Rias profits from Naruto, while still hating him. She's using him, and Naruto being the simpmaster cocksucker he is, smiles and gets fucked over like the retard he is. Hey author, go suck dick.
11/17 c7 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
11/16 c7 brachiosaurus
its nice seeing this story back. hopefully your irl dealings goes well.
10/24 c2 blazes207
Pawn can Promote a queen
10/24 c1 blazes207
Love it
10/16 c7 CandyMaster
i hold this fic for a long time, and it's just end like that NEED MORE AUTHOR SAN
9/29 c7 Arashi Uzukaze
Still need a beta who is good at english and writing. When you get one, have them go over the previous chapters.
9/29 c3 Arashi Uzukaze
The grammar could be better. But it's not too bad, just need to replace certain words or to use proper pronouns with some words.
9/26 c7 VexOzzy
Good chapter
9/26 c7 Jusaf10
When is the next chapter coming
9/22 c1 raymond777
great story. Do update sooner
9/17 c7 manmathamanan2003
Are we getting a new chapter this month? I am really liking the story
9/16 c7 12Sage of Prophecy
This actually a fire story. Damn dude update soon.
9/9 c7 1Mr. Haze
So when I read this story, it’s very peaceful. I like it
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