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10/16/2021 c7 CandyMaster
i hold this fic for a long time, and it's just end like that NEED MORE AUTHOR SAN
9/29/2021 c7 Arashi Uzukaze
Still need a beta who is good at english and writing. When you get one, have them go over the previous chapters.
9/29/2021 c3 Arashi Uzukaze
The grammar could be better. But it's not too bad, just need to replace certain words or to use proper pronouns with some words.
9/26/2021 c7 VexOzzy
Good chapter
9/26/2021 c7 Jusaf10
When is the next chapter coming
9/22/2021 c1 raymond777
great story. Do update sooner
9/17/2021 c7 manmathamanan2003
Are we getting a new chapter this month? I am really liking the story
9/16/2021 c7 13Sage of Prophecy
This actually a fire story. Damn dude update soon.
9/9/2021 c7 1Mr. Haze
So when I read this story, it’s very peaceful. I like it
9/4/2021 c1 Guest
9/6/2021 c7 IDK135
Great chapter waiting for the next one
9/4/2021 c7 Rivzed
Now all we, the readers, need to do is waiting for another year for another update
8/30/2021 c7 Drayck
Tal vez puedas colocar a Hinata en la historia, que reencarno igual que Naruto, puede ser Demonio o Angel. Sería fantástico, así también le metes celos a Rias (como lo harás lo del matrimonio político entre los dos (Naruto y Rias)), ya quiero que aparezca Serafall y Gabriel
8/30/2021 c7 Mythic Imagination
A good chapter in itself, although as painful as it is to say, I think you’ll have to a revision of the story now that you’ve made changes.

This chapter doesn’t feel like it “fits” smoothly with the story’s plot because in Chapter 3 Naruto has already been learning Rating Game strategies (years before his first Rating Game) and giving the impression Naruto will be a strategist, while in this chapter Naruto has been written as someone who barely strategises at all.

Like how Seilah was added, although the setting seems familiar for some reason. Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter.
8/29/2021 c7 Qhaq
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
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