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8/27/2021 c7 Rodenrock
It’s been two years since he awakened being a ultimate class devil wouldn’t be wrong with how fast dxd characters progress.
8/26/2021 c7 DIANRIZQI99
Yoo i thought it was dead nice to see it's comeback
8/26/2021 c7 Jusaf10
When is the next chapter dropping
8/26/2021 c7 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
8/26/2021 c7 Bringerofchaosanddestruction
Great story, I can’t wait until your next chapter. I wonder if his counterparts past actions will still be causing him trouble or will it fade away over time? How long will his charade last until he is uncovered as Naruto Uzumaki living inside Naruto Phoenix’s body? Will the red and yellow couple finally get over their disputes and get together as a couple soon? So many questions, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat here!
8/25/2021 c7 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
I was actually looking for ur new profile but could never find it. Luckly I bumped into this fic. I'm lovin da new fic. BTW, does he still have Ashura Chakra? He should cause the chakra is something he shouldn't be able to get rid of even by rebirth/second reincarnation. Not to mention it's literally bonded to his soul and chakra.
8/25/2021 c7 Zenchi to zen'n no kami
Espero que continúes pronto con esta historia y aunque no veo razón para introducir a seilah pensaré en ella como un personaje de apoyo, también espero que esto no se convierta en una ensalada de personajes no relacionados con DxD
8/25/2021 c7 Hugo0974
Good chapter! I hope you keep the updates!
8/25/2021 c2 R1ch4rd
i'll be honest with you. This is the first time in like, years, that i've read your stories. Decided to pick it back up on a whim and gotta say I can really see the improvement between the old chapters the the new ones. Not just in grammar either but also scene construction and overall prose. You've definitely improved over the years and i look forward to read further
8/24/2021 c7 1bayoujmd89
Patiently waiting for an update keep up the good work
8/24/2021 c7 BigBoySpartan
Great chapter looking forward to more
8/24/2021 c7 1invoker26
Hmm.. Soo you reworked the first 3 chapter?. I think I like the previous version more. If I'm not mistaken there's more interaction between Naruto, Yubelluna, Xuelan, and Karlamine previously and there's lemon too between them.

Now you just skip almost everything and rushing to canon timeline already. It make this story become mostly bland. Isn't this about Naruto replacing Riser Phenex story? Where's the interaction between Naruto Phenex and His Sister? His parents, His brother? Where's Naruto interaction with his "New" family? Why are you removing Naruto interaction with his evil pieces servants?. I'm sorry but it's just your skipping soo many thing and removing the previous good point makes me liking the previous one then this.
8/24/2021 c7 Alchazar
I was honestly wondering when this fic would be update and I am very happy that it did.I have not come across many fics where Naruto takes the place of another Naruto in a completely different you keep updating it and if so see you on the next chapter.
8/24/2021 c7 og.grid
Sheesh it has been sometime I read Naruto x Rias stories in this site. Great job in this chapter. Hope you update again.
8/24/2021 c4 3Kang Delis
Did he delete the lemon scene?
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