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for A different kind of fairytale

3/11/2016 c1 MarieCC
Yes please :) it would be wonderfull! Can not wait for the story ;)
3/11/2016 c1 7katerinaptrv
i am super interested, always thought that their meeting was not so troubled they already would be together a long time , with or without Juliette, nadalind is meant to be!
3/11/2016 c1 alexis
é sempre bem vindos fãs NADALNDS , VOU ESPERAR!
3/11/2016 c1 Nora
Yes Please! I love Nadalind!
3/11/2016 c1 3SecretLifez
Go for it!
3/11/2016 c1 jjuen48
3/11/2016 c1 152grimmswan
3/11/2016 c1 Annie
Love to read it!
3/11/2016 c1 nadalind21e32
this fanfic will be amazing because it will be good for both characters not suffer much distress this fanfic had reflected the nick and start Adalind. 'm already anxious I will recommend to the fan club nadalind
3/11/2016 c1 Guest
wonderful is amazing history
3/11/2016 c1 25Angel Starbeam
Uh... yes. Go ahead.
3/11/2016 c1 jeffwc0227
I am kind interested in that kind store
3/11/2016 c1 jhoei317
Please! Write something about Nick and Adalind. The show don't give us enough moments of them! I'll be looking forward reading your story. #Nadalind
3/11/2016 c1 Retta
Right the story got all interested then nothing
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