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for Uther: Guardians and Demons

1/29/2021 c43 AgentChan
turalyon say sike rn you won't attack your people your homeland huh
11/8/2020 c8 AgentChan
if i don't know any better i would say sylvia has feeling for the dank uther
*cry in nathanos marris*
10/21/2020 c42 AgentChan
it's not boring it's nostalgia whenever i run that raid reeeeeeeee
9/24/2020 c42 sassha
Nice moves Uther
8/7/2020 c41 ellek
That tower would have been entertaining, had the circumstances not been dire.
7/28/2020 c37 Black Sheep
I have a feeling it's not over yet...
7/24/2020 c37 AgentChan
reeeeeeee to fel goat
7/22/2020 c35 AgentChan
Boo at prince kael'thas get back to your sense and give us Sylvanas back
Damn the legion
6/27/2020 c33 AgentChan
just in my fave part about to get to quelthalas
5/22/2020 c31 AgentChan
*screams* noooooooooooooooooooooo must save sylvanas
1/29/2020 c28 AgentChan
Oh no Sylvanas in danger someone call big sister alleria
I realized that u put 2 chapters not like i mind I'm in love with anything related to loreadron and the royal family mama menthil would make a wonderful queen a stan with her so hard
Danath u silly old man u fuked up it's mercy they didn't slay so the moment u kill the king
10/31/2019 c24 AgentChan
oh fukin drathir get away from here
1/2/2017 c1 1Ardtornismyname
This is awesome, keep writing.
12/4/2016 c14 Jirivysiust
Nice story hope u update it soon
8/25/2016 c1 Guest
Amazing, keep up!
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