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1/18 c2 Guest
Dude you need to write a book, this is phenomenal.
1/8 c119 Malik-Elalaoui
its great to see that Nick does not take his retire of the ploliceforce too hard.
and i really could picture him as a detective.
but i read too many stories where he becomes a politician/mayor, that i cant imagine him as something else. :D
so i cant wait how things will go with Nicks new career (especially with his dark past).
and i am also glad to see Al changing for the better.
he finally saw that his wish for peace can become reality without his war.
and i wonder what will happen if he finds out that Iluka did spill some beans to Nick and Judy.
well... only the future will tell. :)
Author's Note:

I KNEW IT! i was 100% sure that in the sequel Vladzotz will discover Mr Bigs involvment to his familys death. why else did Iluka mention it in the end. xD

about the future of WNF. i would definitely like to read the sequel. and this time, i will be here at the start and not when its already updated with chapter 50.
but i also would like to see drabble stories.
especially Bogos concern about fraternization of Judy and Nick Vladzotz and Lucys wedding.
so i would say, how about the full sequel and if you need a longer break, then do some short chapters in between with those short drabbles.
that way you can take some time out of the next chapter and you still can give the readers something to read.

and i am really sorry to here that you have some problems with real life.
your health/private life matters more and you should do what is best for you.
because if you are at 100%, then its also better for the fanfiction. so everyone wins. ;)
take your time and stay healthy!

thanks again for your hard work and your engagement!
this story of yours really made my day everytime i read it.
i cant read it frequently because i also have a lot with work and family to do.
but every time on my breaks at work or when i am waiting somewhere, i take my phone out and read WIF.
and sorry again, that it took me too long to get to the end and that i couldnt reading the chapter on release date.

and sorry i didnt wish you a merry christmas and happy new year.
time flew really over my head and i had to work on that time of the year.
even while this pandemic i have to work fulltime and its hard to read fanfiction when you get home tired.

well... that it. i hope you could understand what i wrote here.
you know... i am just a german speaking dude. took me some time to write this and to correct the grammar and misspells. xD
thanks again and i cant wait to continue your story! (ツ)
1/1 c118 Malik-Elalaoui
this chapter is the most perfect grand finale i ever red in a Zootopia fanfiction!
i never thought that Al will get captured.
i was pretty sure he will escape the scene and we ill have to find him again in the next story.
but every thing has an end.

and i love the ending, where we see the new generation starting their carier as cops.
its sad that we wont have Nick for a while because of his injury.
but i am sure Mary and Harlan will take good care of Judy till Nick is back.
(i know they said he have to retire but maybe he will fight his way back. i hope so.)

and by the way.
(its never to late to say this, but sorry for the posponed review and new years wish)
12/18/2020 c119 2GrandTouring
I just wanted to congratulate you on finishing WIF. I know I'm somewhat late (things got stressful, I know I say that a lot) but seriously. This is an amazing milestone you've achieved. Honestly I find it hard to believe. I remember reading this when it first came out 4 years ago (I think that's how long it's been). To see it finally fleshed out is...awesome. I'm sorry if I sound off, I'm just sort of taken aback.

The ride was absolutely worth it. You've been a huge inspiration to me and my writing over these 4 years, despite me being in-and-out with this fandom.

And what a perfect way to cap it off too! Nick Wilde going into public policy, it feels so fitting for him. I feel like all the characters had fitting send offs too, but Nick being my favorite, I couldn't help but mention him first.

Like I said, the fact that you kept writing for this story after all this time is amazing to me. I'm excited to see what else you write in the future, I'm sure it'll be amazing.

12/16/2020 c46 sizUpur4
Outback island must be an amazing place to vacation despite all the crime and tourists, Nick and Judy are lucky to be able to go. You make me want to visit Australia all of a sudden.
12/15/2020 c119 Tony Moonstone
This story was EPIC!
Such a story. So Extensive and so good in depth.
I LOVED all the characters good and bad and some downright annoying.
It was such a Beautiful story.
Probably the longest Zootopia story I've ever read.
Thanks for making this story enjoyable for me to look forward to reading after a long day.
I will be eager to read the sequel when its released.
I do have a single suggestion.
Why don't you have Harlan team up as Judy's new partner on the force?
Take care and be safe.
Keep writing and I'll continue reading!

Take care and be safe
12/13/2020 c45 sizUpur4
I understood that reference!
12/13/2020 c44 sizUpur4
Okay so I'm starting to reach the point where I've remembered just about everything now that I'm going through again, but I'm gonna keep going because this is one of my favorites. These earlier sections aren't as top quality as your present work, but it's still good stuff. The lore about the marine mammals is really cool, I wish we had seen some in the movie.
12/13/2020 c9 biob1
Why would he keep running if he thought he was abandoning her considering his own experience. It seems out of character for the character you have set up.
12/8/2020 c43 sizUpur4
I remember this chapter from my first read through. Not easy to forget Judy taking down a fully grown walrus. I said she was clever before but her fighting skills really show in this, using his tusks against him was very creative imo. I also remember that Ivar didn't get much content after this part of the story, which feels like a lost opportunity to me given how awesome his character is. Maybe he will appear in this sequel I have heard so much about?
12/3/2020 c41 sizUpur4
damn Tundratown sounds like a really cool place, no pun intended. I can picture it perfectly in this chapter, great writing imo. I was confused about this Honey character before I remembered she was a scrapped character from the movie. I like how you take scrapped characters like Jack and Honey and give them brief minor roles that were different from their scrapped roles, it's like you're finding a place for them and acknowledging how the universe changed as the movie went through all those developments with the shock collars and the spies to what it is now, acknowledging how that changed by changing the characters, but just enough to keep it interesting and not gut what made the characters what they are. Anyways great chapter.
11/30/2020 c119 9Xwhitewolf14
I haven't even read it yet, but I must applaud you.

You finished a story you started four years ago with 119 chapters. Rarely have I seen someone so dedicated, and it's marvelous to see a story this old get finished! If you start up another fic I must ask that you do the same, and by that I mean finishing it, not the length of it.
11/30/2020 c28 sizUpur4
Judy is one clever bunny. Nick must be rubbing off on her. Srsly that was a smart move of her, playing Jack like that. Mad props. Wouldn't want her interrogating me. Reading again I remember this part of the story. It starts out a bit slow here but you pick things up quick, which I like. One of my favorite arcs.
11/28/2020 c27 sizUpur4
oof I took a break to focus on the job and now that I'm back I can't remember where I am in ANY of the fanfictions I was reading. But I remember this! You got a huge story but it's surprisingly easy to remember my guy, I like that. imo this is a great read, one of my favorites. Imma have to catch up now that it's finished.
11/23/2020 c119 ronwesleyson
After almost five years, it ends at last! Huzzah! This is a day I have been awaiting for years, and boy did it deliver. You seemed to wrap up everything with a nice bow here, which is an impressive feat for a story so long. Al is defeated, though not in a way I expected, which is nice, and Olivia is saved! Though not without a cost. Nick's dad reappears, and the present is bittersweet but the future is bright! Even Vladzotz and Lucy got a happy ending, yay, though I'm glad they both got come comeuppance for their crimes too. Nice balance!

And now it's over. What a ride! Although you sometimes took a while to update, it's nice to hear you've got your motivation back and won't have such problems again. I think you're being too hard on yourself though, your work is amazing. It's been consistently fresh and interesting, with great writing, rich characters, and fascinating themes. There are some slower moments in the middle of the story, but they really added to the world. I've found myself looking forward to where the plot will lead with each new update instead of just hoping each one maintains quality, as I do in most longfics like this. Writing is hard to maintain quality for so many chapters, but you've made it work.

I'll definitely be following your fic's comic adaptation in the meantime, and will keep an eye out for more updates from you. When Night Falls sounds like an epic sequel from what you've hinted at, but I admit I am glad that you intend to make it much shorter than your magnum opus. But don't be discouraged! When Instinct Falls is a flagship in this fandom and it has been a pleasure watching it grow for all this time. You've done a stellar job and I look forward to your next stories! Take your time though.

Thank you for all you've given us!
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