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4/30 c9 Guest
Mr. S is awesome!
4/30/2018 c1 WHY
Not hating but I actually like dark pit and also there are loads of final smashes that are alike like greninja's cloud's and ike's
1/23/2018 c23 7gavinteb
I would like the internet guy from 3ds settings and the shop as a skin, the would sound out a bunch of 3ds icons that cause damage as final smash while using there arms to punch and throw at people. Also revail, using his bow to shoot, revalis gale to fly in the air. And using his rito blade. His final smash would be Vah Medoh swooping in and sending laser beams every were. Also, guardians as enemy's.
11/12/2017 c21 14Pksmashbros
Cool ideas for the smashers costumes I must admit, even if they aren't based on any games, my favorite has to be the psychic boy's as the cup brothers (So is porky the devil then?) and Megaman being the scariest thing of all, A FAILED KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN AAAAHHH!, however two things are kinda confusing 1) If Shovel Knight playable cast are costumes of shovel, shouldn't they have costumes too? Here are my ideas for them:
Plague knight: An actual plague doctor.
Specter knight: The Donovan set (The clothes he wore when alive)
King knight: The scariest thought for him being poor!

Anyways here's sort of my ideas for Halloween costumes.
Mario: Dopplis's shadow
Luigi: Mr. L
Bowser: Bowletta
Yoshi: Riptor from Killer instinct
Rosalina and Luma: Princess Shroob and A love bubble
Wario: Count Wario
Donkey Kong: Metal Head DK
Toon Link: Danny Phantom
Kirby: Shadow Kirby
King Dedede: King D-mind
Meta Knight: Dark Meta knight
Ness: Timmy Turner
Villager:Invader Zim
Sonic: Scourge the Hedgehog or the Scout from tf2
Popo: Spongebob (He lost a bet from Ness)
Nana: Jenny/Xj9
Lucas: Jimmy Neutron
Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts designs
Bomberman: Plasma Bomber

Anyways those are just my ideas, good luck with college and... I really need to finish the next smash moveset!
10/1/2017 c3 Guest
9/25/2017 c1 Leanehunter9
Hey man, I just got around to reading. I have to say, I like the concept very much. It makes me wonder who will get to stay.

I'd like to see Professor Layton stay on, so here's a goofy moveset he could use.

Neutral Special- Layton throws a letter at foes.

Dash Special- Layton aggressively points at opponents.

Side Special- Layton throws chess pieces.

Up Special- Layton throws his hat into the air, and immediately defies the laws of physics by lunging for it a few seconds later regardless of his position. If there are any foes in the way, Layton will knock them back.

Down Special- Layton looks down at the ground and notices a clue, powering up his next attack. When used in the air, he pulls out his Bone Glider he received in Azran Legacy, and uses it to recover.

Final Smash- Layton solves the case, causing other fighters to become so astonished they all take 100% damage.

Hope you like it, obviously didn't take it too seriously, but it would be great to see the Professor (and Luke) in Smash some day.
9/4/2017 c18 11Glumshanks
I loved this chapter, and I actually really like the Rabbids!
7/4/2017 c11 14Pksmashbros
Time the Knight that destroyed the tower of fate PLAGUE KNIGHT!

Neutral Special, Bomb toss/Burst: Plauge knight tosses up to 3 small bombs that explode and do small damage and easy knockback but keep holding the Neutral button Plague knight will charge his bomb burst which when released he will shoot up in the air damaging opponents nearby (Bomb and burst can be changed with custom moves)

Side Special, Vat: Plauge knight summons a vat from his cane which can explode when hit with many attacks like a exploding crate, but in the air Plauge knight places it downwards to create a small platfrom that will descend and explode if it hits the ground.

Down Special, Potion Panic: Plauge knight drinks a small potion that is either red, blue, or orange
Red is the Leech Liquid every point of damage he deals to an enemy is given back to him whilst the potion is in effect. Blue is Once Plague Knight has taken a drink of Berserker's Brew he deals damage to enemies by colliding with them whilst the potion is in effect. finally the orange is he charges forward until he collides with a solid object turns around, or throws bombs. In this state he can still jump in order to avoid obstacles and pits. After he drinks one he can't drink another for a minute. in order of rarity from common to rare Orange, Blue, Red.

Final smash Vat's All folks!: Plauge Knight summons vats across the stage and uses a bomb to poof away while throwing a couple of Big Boom bombs into the vats causing a bunch of explosions doing the same damage and knockback as a bomb omb after they all explode plague knight returns to the stage.

Alts:Normal-Treasure Trappings-Goo Garments-Ward Robe-Dandy Duds-Tinker knight colors- Black knight Colors-Plague of Shadows (Basically black no other colors)

Entrance: Appears in a puff of smoke onstage

Taunt 1: Tries to make his body look like shovel knights (in pridemorr keep) and he falls over and gets up.

Taunt 2: Takes out a Ratsploder from his pocket and pets it before putting it back.

Taunt 3:Looks shy and twiddles his thumbs (Lightly tapping the taunt button causes him to dance)

Victory 1: Jumps up and down in glee

Victory 2: Starts taking a drink from a beaker while spinning his cane.

Victory 3: Dances with Mona

Victory Quotes:
Shovel knight: "That's for faking me out twice, Hee, and raiding my lab!"
Specter knight: " Hahaha! If only you could see me laughing under this mask from your face! Ooooooh, spooky ghost! Whee hee haa haaaa!"
King Knight: "I know that's crown of yours is fake, not even real gold."

Stage: Tower of fate(Your shovel knight stage)
This takes place during the boss rush of the game with each of the order of no quarter is eating while the fight takes place on the table, sometimes a member will jump on the table and fight, defeating them will add a point to the player who defeated them. If Shovel, Plague, Specter, or king are not in the match they will appear at the table and can be fought. If Shovel, Plague, Specter, or king are in the match they will be replaced with the wandering travelers (Phantom Striker, The Baz, Reize, and Mr. Hat respectively.)

Plains of Passage (my idea)

The stage is based off the first stage of shovel knight but at random times a member of the order will drop in and the stage will change to what their stage is an what gimmicks they have (examples being Polar knights ice, Tinker knight convener belts and propeller knights wind.) The stage will return to normal after some time passes (The order can't be fought on this stage)

Music (Tower of fate):
The Fateful Return
The Betrayer
All order boss themes
The defender
Fighting With All of Our Might
The Struggle Never Ends
Hitting Close to Home
Know Thy True Self
The Battle Within

Music (Plains of passage)
Plains of passage
The rival
All order level themes
The Final Note
All Order level themes (Specter)
Spin Ye Bottle

Trophies (associated with plague knight):
1. Plauge knight
2. Vat's All folks! (Final Smash)
3. Mona
4. Plauge minions
5. Corrupted essence
6. Serum Supernus and essences

Assist trophy, Mona: Mona appears in a flash of smoke and will summon beakers that will fall onto the stage damaging opponents that they hit, but the player that summoned her can hit the beakers into other opponents.

Well that's all for plauge knight, I might make a movset series like this soon since this kinda fun!
7/4/2017 c2 Pksmashbros
Alright if i have to a moveset to get a character in, then i'll do one for the smashifed leaked fighter RAYMAN!

Neutral special Telescopic Punch:Rayman shoots his own fist. It can be charged, and when it missed, it returns like a boomerang.

Side special Plum Throw: Rayman throws a Plum. The Plum will bounce around and attach to one opponent, who will be unable to attack unless he/she squirms himself/herself out of the Plum.

Up special Swingman: A Swingman will pop up and throw Rayman towards a select direction. When Rayman descends, he uses his hair as a Helicopter.

Down special Shell: Rayman hops on a walking shell which charges forwards quickly and explodes on contact, it's powerful but it damages Rayman.

Final Smash – HI-HO MOSKITO! - pressing "B" after obtaining the smash ball will cause Rayman to summon Bzzit the rather large Mosquito friend of Rayman. Rayman will hop onto Bzzit's back and the player will then have control over Bzzit. Pressing "A" will cause Bzzit to fire a projectile from his proboscises these projectiles can move quickly across the screen and can be great to rack up DMG but do not deliver knock back or flinching. pressing "B" while on Bzzit's back will cause him to inhale deeply with his proboscises "swallowing" any player within range- after a moment Bzzit will expel the foe it "Swallowed" at high velocity transforming them into a sort of fast moving projectile- Players can either spit out the foe hoping to send them flying far enough to KO them off screen or they can try to aim their swallowed foe at other foes- dealing big DMG and even bigger knock back. however while Bzzit has a foe "swallowed" he will move slower around the screen he will also be unable to attack using "A". While on Bzzits back Rayman and Bzzit can fly around the stage the controls work similar to how Yoshi handles during his final smash.

Size: Around Mario's height.
Weight: Same as Meta Knight.
Gravity: Same as Diddy.
Jump Height: Between Falco and Luigi.
Jump Speed: Same as Fox.
Air Speed: Same as Jigglypuff.
Walk Speed: Same as Pit.
Dash Speed: Just below Little Mac.
Traction: Same as Link.
Can Wall Jump
Can Crawl - Low Crawl

Alts: Rayman - Vortex - Heavy Metal Fist - Lockjaw - Shock Rocket - Rayblox - Raymoz- Raymesis

Character swaps (Think alph and the koopalings): Globox, Barbara, Grand minimus and goth teensie (Grand minimus and goth teensie are stacked on top of each other like in Rayman arena) thier alts could be based of the costumes from origins and legends

Appears from spiral door before doing his entrance pose from Origins/Legends.

Taunt 1
Grins as he does a peace sign towards the screen.

Taunt 2
Performs his iconic grimace: holding his mouth wide open while flailing his tongue.

Taunt 3
Does a russian style dance like in rayman 2 at the end of levels

Breaks opens a electoon cage freeing the elctoons inside

Performs either his victory dance from Origins/Legends

The photoboard from Rayman Origns falls from the sky infront of rayman and he takes a picture in the hole with a large armoured woman with a sword, (in team battles the player with the biggest score stands behind the picture of the woman, the player with the second-best score stands behind the picture of the other figure, and the rest are left to peek out from behind the photoboard to get their picture taken.

Stage: The Glade of Dreams
A shifting stage featuring various locales from Rayman origins from jibberish jungle to moody clouds.

Stage music: Rayman Legends Main Theme
Treasure Chase!
One of the Longest Shortcuts
Rayman Arena theme melody
Mr. Dark's theme
Rayman 2 Main Theme/Staff Roll
Hall of Doors

Jibberish Jungle:
Punching Plateaus
Medieval Theme
The Fortified Castle
Medieval Dragon
The Canopy
The Woods of Light
Rayman 1 Title Screen/World Map

Desert of Dijiridoos:
First Staffs
Lost Beats
Allegro Presto
Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo

Gourmand Land:
Frozen Paradise
Breaking the Ice
Hellish Paradise
Fiesta de lose Meurtos
Infernal Pursuit

Sea of Serendipity:
Lums of the Water
The Abyss
The Spy Who Kicked Me
Interrupting Bégoniax

Mystical Pique:
The Fakir's Song
Twilight Gulch

Moody Clouds:
The Mecha Factory
Steampunk Suspense

The Land of the Livid Dead:
Nowhere to Run
Chasing a Dream

1 - Rayman
2 - Hi-Ho Mskito! (Final Smash)
3 - Globox
4 - Mr. Dark
5 - Ly the Fairy
6 - Murphy
7 - Razorbeard
8 - Rabbids
9 - Sergueï
10 - Teensies
11 - Hoodlums
12 - Lums
13 - Barbara
14 - Betilla
15 - Electoon
16 - The four kings
17 - The magician

That's all for now but next I'm gonna work on the Shovel knight characters because they shouldn't be shovel knight costumes.
6/2/2017 c1 23CrimsonTrainer-4395
I love stories with the idea of fan choice and input. I did a story like this a long time ago, but you took it up that extra step that I couldn't even thing of doing back then, so good on you! Glad to see you're back, and I can't wait to read more!
5/22/2017 c15 4CL4P-5M45H
Hello, there sir, I would like to supply a moveset for everyone's favourite orange creature: bandana dee. Might I recommend taking his moveset from Super Smash Flash 2? One of the best smash fan games that has ever existed
2/4/2017 c1 Guest
their going to add a new mario game called mario sports super star its comeing in march 24 its gonna be on the 3ds
2/4/2017 c13 11Glumshanks

I'd suggest getting rid of Isabelle, as she's my least favorite assist trophy.
1/5/2017 c12 13Junior BLD
Sephiroth should totally be in the tournament! Sorry, I forgot to look at chapter 2 to see if he was one of the options. If not, then disregard the rest of this.

His final smash could either be supernova or using the black materia to summon meteor.

His stage could be at the north crater with streams of mako that damage opponents and different color materia crystals that raise stats. And falling rocks.

His neutral special could be where he shoots a dark energy sphere, his down special could be like Palutena's heavenly light, but with an inferno of fire. His up special could be like Robbins move, but a little slower. His side special could be a combination of sword slashes, like Marth's dancing blade . His normal moves could be also sort slashes

He could have a limit meter similar to cloud, but his cannot be charged manually.

Costumes could be from the various games he is in like kingdom hearts and the final fantasy series.

One of his victory poses could be him looking at the camera saying I am the ruler of the planet

I am really enjoying this story!
11/17/2016 c12 14Pksmashbros
I like some of the ideas for alts so far but here are some that should be added

Bowser: dreamy bowser, rookie and meowser
Yoshi: Boshi
DK: funky kong, and for shits and giggles metal head DK
Link, Zelda and ganondorf: their other incarnations (orcina, warriors, skyward sword)
Toon link: spirit tracks outfit
King dedede: masked dedede and clone dedede
Meta knight: dark meta knight, and mecha knight
Ness: Paula (I mean most of his moves come from her) robot ness
Lucas: commander outfit and pajamas
Olimar and pikmin: the other captains (Louie, the president, alph, Brittney, and Charlie
Pac man: miss Pac man
Megaman: roll (was a clone of him in marvel vs capcom)
Proto man, mega (from powered up) and megaman? (Also from powered up)
Sonic: classic and boom
King k rool: pirate, mad scientist, and boxer
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