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for Sometimes, beaming mishapes

8/23/2016 c2 3soofis
Ooh! This was great! Really hope you continue the story!
8/4/2016 c1 10mad 4 the doctor
this fic is awesome, oh please, please, please do some more of these!
TOS kirk
blatantly showing his genius kirk (this kirk hides it behind flirtations and the like)
obnoxiously cheerful kirk
love of explosions kirk
nerdy kirk
polite and follows the rules to the T kirk (while in public behind the scenes where know 'ones looking its the opposite - crew could be disturbed by him until hes left and they find what he left behind)
timid kirk
adrenaline junky kirk
reckless kirk
pick fights with anything kirk
perfectly normal kirk

I don't know but I had fun with this.
6/29/2016 c1 guest
Kill yourself, virgin.

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