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11/11/2016 c6 fenixrojo36
Continua la historia
11/6/2016 c6 Xemenon
nice chapter...
11/5/2016 c6 4Major Simi
Nice chapter
11/3/2016 c6 Guest
Did Kakashi even GET A GENIN TEAM in this story!?
11/3/2016 c6 Guest
Will Naruto EVENTUALLY be able to Summon the FULL ARMOR SET of the Red Dragon Emperor's Balance Breaker!?
11/3/2016 c6 Guest
Anko's reaction was PERFECT! I can't wait to see how Tobi/Obito and Black Zetsu will react when they HEAR THIS NEWS! Black Zetsu WILL BE PISSED WITH Obito for making their job SO MUCH HARDER!
11/3/2016 c6 SPark681
Oh man this is getting good wonder when the white dragon emperor will be revealed anyways keep up the great work!
11/3/2016 c6 Guest
Very good
11/3/2016 c6 bladetri
like XD
10/19/2016 c5 1FelixtheSax
Having Naruto let his arms get chewed off was one of the most badass things ever. Can't wait to see where this goes.
7/24/2016 c5 SPark681
... Wonder if Anko just jinxed Naruto with 'if his parents survived' bit that wouldn't surprise me.. then again it might anyways keep up the great work!
7/22/2016 c5 Guest
OH MAN, I am REALLY looking forward to the next chapter to see THE REST of Anko's reaction to the bombshell that was dropped on her at the end of this chapter!
7/22/2016 c5 Guest
OH BOY, will Anko be bragging about the fact that she got the RED DRAGON EMPEROR on her team in the next chapter to the other Jonin Sensei's (Kakashi will be EVEN MORE frustrated that he didn't get Naruto when he finds out about this)!?
7/22/2016 c5 Byakudan
I like the stories and can you made the stories a
Hinta Naruto Shion fanfiction like the Destined to be together by Dread Knight N7.
7/22/2016 c5 ArchonCelestia
Ddraig, honestly get the fucking name right.
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