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3/13/2016 c2 Guest
Does Naruto have red hair in this story, and was ALL of Kurama (Yang AND Yin) sealed into Naruto!? Are there no Chakra imprints of Minato and Kushina in the seal!?
3/13/2016 c2 lo.spirito.vendicatore
That's something new. A dragon jinchuriki is an interesting idea. Wonder what will happen when he masters Ddraig's power. Also what are Ddraig's ability in this universe? The same as always? Well no one else possesses it so it's fine. But now I'm a bit confused by this. Because if Ddraig is considered similar to a Tailed Beast why did you give Kurama as well? Not that I'm against it but this way he shouldn't be able to express their full power at the same time because they are two separate beings. It's not like with Kurama and the other TB cause they were just fragments and Kurama was dominant considering that Six Paths Sage Mode was similar to Kurama Link Mode (and originally all the TB were one so SPSM is close to being a Jinchuriki for the Ten-Tails). Kurama and Ddraig are two completely different beings. So does that mean that if he uses one's full power (Tailed Beast Mode or whatever you are planning for Ddraig) he can't use the other? Cause that's how I see it would go. But hey it's just my opinion. Anyway I liked it and can't wait to see next chapter. Also (as seen from the tags) is Hinata the jinchuriki for Albion? And is this story gonna be a Naruhina or are they going to be just rivals? Cause I love Naruhina and even if they are gonna be rivals and Hinata more assertive I wouldn't mind it if you make them the pairing
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