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8/4/2017 c17 RavenBlade1
But DAMN this fic is sooo freakin interesting. Im dying for a Clexa moment tho.
7/29/2017 c17 xJo C
As always, amazing job!
7/19/2017 c16 xJo C
So... Elyza was at the door, wasn't she?
Anyway, I loved and still love this story so much. I can't wait to read the next chapters.
6/20/2017 c16 13Jaely
I was right! HAH HAH! LOL I knew she was Costia! I like how you handled things between them, it gave it closure and allowed them both to move on without any more awkwardness, very well done. Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings.
6/4/2017 c1 gay2020
u should've put the brother as Aden
6/3/2017 c16 RavenBlade1
Yes! Lexa is back in action! Oh man im soo glad she set things right with Costia. Cant wait for a Clexa moment.
4/15/2017 c15 Guest
please update asap!
4/10/2017 c15 RavenBlade1
Holy shit cliff hanger!
4/4/2017 c15 Miss-JaureGAY
Please add more I hate the fact it ended like that but it is a great story please
4/1/2017 c2 RavenBlade1
Oohh man this is soooo good.
3/19/2017 c15 Jaely
Wow! intense chapter! very good one though. I'm really looking forward to the next.
3/18/2017 c14 ecm20
Uh oh! Never trust Chris!
3/14/2017 c14 Jaely
Oh wow! so right not to trust him. Did Ofelia really just crumble the letter? That was kind of rude... It's not like it was addressed to her... I hope it was more of a 'gripped it tightly so she wouldn't lose it while she ran' kind of thing than a destroy the letter kind of thing... Alicia has been or appeared to have been with the walkers for hours by the time that Ofelia found the letter a lot could have happened in that time. damn that's a scary thought. I think I've figured out who Ofelia is suppose to be the Reborn of. If I'm right I can imagine things will become rather awkward for Alicia/Lexa when she regains her memories completely. anyway I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
3/14/2017 c14 Guest
great story, please continue
3/12/2017 c13 Jaely
personally I don't think she should trust him, he is a selfish little idiot that only wants to be something more than he is. He wants to be 'special' or someone important. He can't stand that he's not. He's going to end up getting Alicia hurt. If she really want to get her memories back I think she should really try to convince Clarke to help her do so in a controlled or more controlled manner. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
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