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12/17/2020 c3 Guest
This is a great story
3/21/2020 c3 Prisma19
Thanks for writing this I really enjoyed it. The plot had many twists that I was not expecting. You put a lot of thought and effort into writing this story and it most definitely showed. You balanced everything so well, like it was a cannon comic book. I love how there was so much going on and the story was in-depth but, it was not super long. You did an amazing job on writing everyone in character. Joker’s plan was totally something he would do. Sometimes authors just don’t balance Joker’s comical and sadistic side well, but you did. I also loved how you wrote Jason and Damien’s character, it was fun to read their conversations. This is one of the best Batfamily Fanfics I have ever read and one of my favorites. Keep on writing you have a real talent for it.
6/20/2019 c3 CMC
This is amazing! You have done such an amazing job mixing action, suspense, (borderline) tragedy, and even a bit of comedy. You have a truly lovely writing style, and I feel you did an excellent job of portraying these characters accurately. Thank you for sharing your work on this site. You and your story are fantastic!

P.S. Firefly is an excellent choice of show for this group! It is always fun to find writers who know of and make reference to this show. I admit I never would have thought to compare Jason to a Reaver *shudders* but it was quite brilliant. (I also found it funny because of how many of the actors from Firefly also work on DC films (Simon's actor even voices Dick Grayson in a few movies)). Thank you again, you have done a marvelous job~
6/1/2019 c3 5XYZArtemis
Lovely job!
1/31/2019 c3 Guest
Very very well written!
1/9/2019 c3 DementedMilkmaid
I about didn't read this.
Then 2 minutes later, my sick curiosity got the better of me. I just about had a heart attack at the end of chapter one.
This story was amazing. I'm gonna read it over and over and let the tears come.
9/24/2018 c3 RenesmeVivio
For me I loooooove it boyaaaa
9/24/2018 c2 RenesmeVivio
Jaybird why you don't listen for once poor you
9/24/2018 c1 RenesmeVivio
Oh my goooood
2/7/2017 c3 12Great-Need-to-Take-a-Nap
Great story!
11/7/2016 c3 89Sophia the Scribe
Sweet story! I liked Tim and Damian's interaction especially.
Sophia the Scribe
7/23/2016 c3 Everocks5
Cool ending! I guess my only critique is maybe in the future you could just explain what the other villains got out of their deal with the Joker (minus the Batfam being off the streets so they could run around Gotham doing whatever they wanted) and how the Birds of Prey managed to find and incarcerate them in such a short amount of time. Other than that it was great!
7/23/2016 c1 Everocks5
Wow...Just wow. The intensity is real.
6/27/2016 c3 45SuperHeroFan82
This was a good story! You did a great job!
4/18/2016 c3 6girlgeekjf
This didn't go where I expected it to, which was a good thing. Good plot, sweet ending, I enjoyed it.
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