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for Wicked Lips

3/16/2016 c1 LittleMissFox
Ahaha that was so funny :')
3/15/2016 c1 2gigerisgod
that was so adorable and so perfect it could have been part of an episode.
3/15/2016 c1 7PopCulturist
Looks like so one got their mojo back. Congratulations. It was a great story.
3/15/2016 c1 1blitheful
im in tears,,,,, i love spitfire so much im going to die,,,,

okay serious stuff i guess. if im ever serious. that was super super cute, and you did a really good job capturing their dynamic and characterizations. i believed all of it, and ive accepted it as canon. this is a real event that happened.
3/15/2016 c1 6Artemis Raven Courtney
I was expecting Artemis ti kiss him, but Conner's reaction to the flirting was just fantastic. XD
3/15/2016 c1 3msydstery
Very cute! Wally, especially, was perfectly in character. I loved this whole Team laser tag scenario, as I always love me some Team fluff or shenanigans :)
3/15/2016 c1 5LostInThoughtDR
Great story! The overall language of the prose is very Wally, which I think everyone enjoyed. They are kept in character as well, something that is always a challenge. Again, great story and I will definitely be favoriting it.
3/15/2016 c1 MargotTenser
Aw. Poor Conner. ;) These two are so cute. I hope we get an S3 if only to get more Wally.

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