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4/9/2016 c1 DBZ Vergil AU
I have a requested crossover story that I want you to write ( And I think my idea will really interest you )

Crossover between Devil May Cry and Dragon Ball Z ( Xenoverse )

Note : This will take place after Vergil was defeated on Mallet Island and lost his memories , and, now, is , in , another, world, as, the, time , patroller, ( Saiyan Race / still keeps his original devil may cry appearance and clothing / Plus Yamato Sword / as his accessory ) , with, no , memories, of, his, past, except, for his, name ( Vergil Sparda / he will start to regain his memories bit by bit as the story progresses )

Main Pairing Will Be : Vergil x Towa


Genre : Romance / Adventure .

Ratec M for Lemons , Minor Language , Violence .

Title : Dragon Ball May Cry : The Arrival Of A Hero .

Summary : After , his, previous, defeat , on, mallet, island , Vergil, awakens, to, find, himself, in, a , new, world, with, no, memories, of, his, past, life, except, his, name , ( And martial arts skills ) , chosen, as , the, new, time, patroller, to, combat, a, rising , evil , Demigra, the, demon, god, but, ( During his adventures through the time eras ) , someone, has, taken, a , liking, of, him, who, could, it , be ?

To, the, author, please, do, my, requested, crossover, story, that's, all, I, am, kindly, asking.

Thank You ..

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