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for Teacher's Pet: The Sequel

12/7/2019 c17 Guest
Will it was getting good with Zelena added, etc. Please continue story. Thanks.
3/16/2019 c17 Sammii16
Not bored, but needs to end.
Really found both the stories you created
to be like an amusement park with rides.
Meaning twists and turns, emotions, and
Intensity at times.
Really love your creative side for SwanQueen.
Thank you
Keep creating
3/10/2019 c17 3QuintessentialLola
Good job
3/2/2019 c17 Anjela78
Prosím pokračovat, prosím ;-) :-)
12/29/2018 c17 MIROjrsygrl
Good chapter. Lots of back and forth. Thanks for sticking with this. I look forward to any and all chapters you choose for us readers. Happy New Year
12/20/2018 c17 Guest
Yay the baby came. I can’t wait to read what stories Zelena has with her and everyone else.
12/2/2018 c17 Guest
I think you should keep continuing this story. I want to see which one idea you pick out of the many you are thinking of.
11/28/2018 c17 Guest
I think that you should start thinking about an ending. There is only so much that can continue this story unless you start creating some serious drama. Just something to think about. I do love this story so much, both of them. But maybe it’s time to end. All good things must end...
11/28/2018 c17 d'evilregal
Aghhhh omg please update sc
11/27/2018 c17 2MaryMontoya17
Amo la historia, gracias por actualizar!
11/27/2018 c17 danielle.savoie
I absolutely love this story!
10/27/2018 c16 6IHeartSKatic
8/5/2018 c16 maddenBlack
I use to read fanfiction a lot, but once Once Upon a Time got to season 7 I feel out of it. I’m getting caught up on all the stories I use to read and I hope this one keeps going. I like reading this story.
4/20/2018 c16 Christina
I read this whole thing (original and sequel) straight through. & Wow I love this story so much. I see it's been a while since you updated but please don't stop writing.
2/16/2018 c16 EJYoungbaby
Update please!
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