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for The Secret Trio vs Scarlett Hills

3/19/2016 c3 MintBushCat
How are they connected... I DON'T KNOW WAHHHHHHH! This is really good so far! Quick question for you the author... Who is your favorite out of the trio? Mine's Randy, which is weird because I grew up with the other 2 shows. I guess I can kind of relate to Randy's freshman problems since I'm one too. If I had to guess how the dreams are connected... ummmm... Maybe the killers are the same or are part of the same organization? Anyway keep it up I can't wait for more!
3/16/2016 c1 MintBushCat
Oooooooooo this is sooo good so far! Please update soon I can't wait for more!:D :D :D

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