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1/26 c85 Mac-The-Editor
Fantastic as always! I only began reading this fic, like, 4ish days ago, and already it's become a baseline comparison for FATE fics in the future.

I did notice that Emily somehow replaced Natalie in this chapter, lol. But that's the first non-spelling error that's caught my eye, so well done as always. Cheers!
1/26 c92 JustAnotherGuest
D'aww Mordred's knights are so doting and adorable
1/24 c92 Kezito
It has taken me 4 days to read 92 chapters. I need more this story is amazing. But don't rush, i will rather wait and continue to read your great story than for you to rush it.
1/23 c92 Scoolio
Just don’t kill Mordred! Don’t kill Baeber 2.0!
1/22 c92 3damiantran280
Poor Mordred, even if everything end in happy ending, knowing her personality she will never forgive herself for what happen. This will mentally scared her for life, even if shirou breakout all the hug and heat pat he has this will not mend her wound. RIP Agravain.
1/21 c92 DavidEmiya
The final Arc...
its a true pleasure read this history :)
1/21 c92 Fou-kun
"Murder Morgan fou" the witch is kicked in the face by our favorite little beast as she is gloating about her victory but loses when she gets taken out by the little fluf ball.
That would make my day to see that happen and I'm pretty sure the babies are with merlin safe and sound.
Cannot wait for shirou to go ballistic
1/21 c92 3Xeno01
Too many times throughout the story Shirou has kept his cool in troubled times, if he had kept his cool even now with his children in danger I would have started to think badly about this story. Fortunately this was not the case.
Now I hope to see more of Shirou's perspective not so much as Arturia's husband or as a king, but as a father and at the anger he feels towards those who have kidnapped his children and all of his emotions without the usual self-control.
I hope he manages to save Mordred, a copy of Rule Breaker will be able to break the bond with Morgan.
1/21 c92 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
1/21 c92 Zero
Sorry...Name Went Wrong Accidentally Typed “Zeeo” Instead of “Zero”. But no seriously I’m rooting for you, make the impossible possible.
1/21 c92 Zeeo
By the way if you redeem mordred...the. I’ll give your story a perfect review score of 10/10.

Please make it happen!
1/21 c92 Zero
Well...Guess I was right, Hell’s About to wake up and mordred’s about to get the asswhipping of her life, make that double when arturia and shirou learn that’s their first kid. And morgan, there is a good special place in hell for The likes of you...Cradle Robbing, Criminally Psychotic, Rin Tohsaka like Bitch.

Also to author: Happy new years, Holidays and what not.
Expecting good things from you so yeah, good luck.
1/21 c92 1uzumaki.namikaze10
1/20 c82 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/20 c81 uzumaki.namikaze10
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