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10h c89 Hold on
There's no way for Morgan to even access Avalon.

5/17 c97 3Insaneauthor050701
oh fuck Morgan dude I hate her more than any of the other enemies you've made in your stories
5/17 c97 max930000
Good fanfic
5/17 c5 Guest
that beast artouria kipled was kind of out of nowhere and felt like filler
5/15 c97 A Wandering Stranger
I was really thinking that Shirou was going to fight EMIYA. It just makes thematic sense to me, and I'm still holding onto that small hope. It feels like you're trying to finish the story for chapter 100, but it also feels like this could go on for at least 10 more chapters. Gah, I can't wait for the next one!
5/14 c44 Ketom
and i just lost any motivation i had to read this. amnesia? are u fucking shitting me?
5/13 c73 Insaneauthor050701
I'd still like a spinoff with shirou and Emily lol
5/11 c43 Insaneauthor050701
rereading this for like the third or fourth time it's a little disconcerting that Morgan can just take care of Efret like that. Especially when you've already said Efret is a Millenium rank Phantasmal Beast. His magic resistance should be enough to make it more of a life or death battle for her especially since she's not of a rank of say Magician or something. In my mind I'm comparing her to Caster (Medea) but even then Medea would've been stronger of a magnitude than her because of her existence in the Age of Gods. it says directly in the wiki that Rider(Medusa)'s Pegasus has even greater magical resistance than Saber(Arturia) who was able to easily negate Caster(Medea's) magic. I could be completely wrong in my assumptions so please correct me if I'm wrong but this should've been a more difficult battle for her from my perspective.
5/10 c97 Ouroborosdragon
Morgan DID NOT summon EMIYA, that was alaya, the reason why she has a servant is because alaya gave her EMIYA. My theory is to why alaya gave EMIYA to Morgan, it’s to give her some assurance and trust because normally Morgan wouldn’t trust EMIYA without having some “control” over him.

To answer your last review. Morgan is hiding in the shadows somewhere near shirou and Mordred’s location but not in the same room as them, the reason why shirou can’t find her is because Morgan is not using magic. So he can’t pinpoint her location. That was the explanation a few chapters back why Morgan stop using magic and avoided any open spaces, heck she even avoided places with water unless she needed to bathe, so shirou couldn’t use vivian’s blessing to find her. It’s because shirou kept knowing where she was at all times. Shirou might be powerful but he’s not all seeing, if he can’t sense someone’s magic energy than he can’t find them. It is as simple as that.
5/10 c97 Urgazhi
... for ducks sale kill her. I mean how hard can it be? She is in the same room as you, Shiro!
5/10 c97 GamerLooter
So cool! The final battle:

Morgan and Mordred vs Shirou

Arturia and Friends vs Alternate Timeline Shirou or better known as Archer

This sh** is about to get good...
5/10 c96 Urgazhi
No. How can she summon a heroic spirit without there being a holy grail? Or at least a holy grail war?

I'm glad I waited to read this chapter now. This would have annoyed me.
5/10 c63 1Long Hao chen
You really love bullshitting don't you, vasavi shakti a divine construct couldn't pierce armor of fafnir and caliburn did, at least bullshit in a descent way
5/10 c97 Long Hao chen
Bullshit,bullshit, bullshit even karna couldn't pierce sigfried's skin with vasavi shakti a divine construct and caliburn could pierce shirou's skin and cut of his limb, utter bullshit
5/9 c97 Ouroborosdragon
Yes EMIYA’S arm is inferior than shirou’s. why because it’s not enhanced by dragon’s blood, meaning it doesn’t have the near invincible durability as shirou’s does. Not to mention but have you read/watch heaven’s feel? HF shirou was going to die if he used EMIYA’S arm more than three times. While this shirou is definitely more powerful than HF shirou and can probably use it more than three times, that doesn’t mean he can uses it without destroying his body. How is that not inferior? Just because EMIYA’S arm is more powerful than shirou’s, doesn’t mean shit if shirou can’t use it without consequences.

Also just because EMIYA is getting boosted by alaya doesn’t mean he’s a god. His stats are the same, except for his mania is near infinite. Think of it like saber alter in heaven’s feel, her mania was near infinite because she was getting mania from Sakura (who was a vessel for the grail). Which was why saber alter could spam the shit out of mania burst in her fights without getting tired.
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