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4/27 c15 3Writing dreams into stories
chills man chills... whew
4/24 c6 2Shigeraki
Arthurian legend in fate is some of the closet stuff to happen in age. As there are only a few handfuls, as far as I know, of servants that come after the end of Artorias reign. The most noticeable being Richard the lionheart, The Artoria simp. So I feel like as long as Shirou doesn’t trace any weapons that come after Arthurian legend then he should be good.
4/22 c101 rogue1Bois
I really want to see a short one/two shit of the future events depicted at the end where the Daughter meets an alternate Mother... I could see so many things happening... and so many things you could potentially fix in the Fate Stay/Night events of the 5th war...
4/17 c101 Guest
What happened to Mordred? I NEED TO KNOW!
4/14 c1 f46adpg
One of the best stories I've ever read. But the modred part infuriated me a little bit. I think the last play by Morgan could have been thought out a little better. The emotional aspect was good. The plan seemed a little too optimistic
4/13 c34 Azathot
Dammmmmmn So cooooool
4/13 c101 shade5280
this was by far, one of the absolute best stories I have read. absolutely amazing.
4/13 c100 shade5280
literal chills
4/13 c99 shade5280
I reacted so loudly to the end of this chapter that my cats are now staring at me. thank you
4/13 c95 shade5280
I'm not even done with this chapter, but I'm a thrilled with the outcomes so far
4/13 c94 shade5280
... Shirou is ruthless. just fucking awesome
4/2 c101 Boogeymen
masterpiece... ending

can't wait for omake in fgo
ritsuka summoning shiro ashton as a servant..
3/30 c101 2chrisdiokno117
I was recommended this, fantastic work
3/25 c9 zuyiko wolf
The Lord is good and does what is right; he shows the proper path to those who go astray.
3/16 c101 Guest
A beautiful fanfic. My favorite character is probably either Morgan or Mordred. With Mordred you managed to convey just how much she cared for the people around her and the thin line she was riding between the Canon Knight of Treachery and the Kingsguard we saw here. For Morgan, I have to say I am actually astounded by how much I actually hate her guts. Its a work of art to make me so disappointed that she was just banished to a realm of complete isolation for however long one can live in Avalon instead of brutally tortured. She never once felt relatable or redeemable, or even understandable. The scene in the final chapter with her getting some aspect of Morgan the Fair back didn't land as it should have, I think. It just felt like a respectable send off for an irredeemable bitch, which was weird to see. That being said, this story, as with the rest of the stories on this account, was a banger. I am definitely dissapointed that the Alternative records didn't get finished up here, though they might be on the account somewhere.
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