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7h c101 daruisse
ARGGGG No it's over! Why... Why are you finishing your stories so quickly?! Why did you put such a teaser but I find the story nowhere! And the story in the story! An army of Saber, they have every right to their Shirou! an army of Saber with an army of Shirou xD You want to destroy the multi-verse? Oh god, your courage! I never leave criticism or even encouragement usually, because my English is bad (only intermediate English [French])! but THANKS for your stories, you greatly improve my days, if only there were more like you.

Being a Fate fan, I give this fanfiction a 9/10! and the reason for the loss of a point. it's that Shirou didn't stay dead long enough... This stab of sadness, this avowed love of a father on the verge of death for Mordred, his darling daughter... This staging was splandish! Although I think the memory loss arc was... not terrible, looking at your other stories I'm sure you could have done better.
5/11 c101 rafaeleyf10
No quería acabar esta historia porque no me gustan los finales, pero ahora no me arrepiento. Me hubiera gustado que shirou hubiera quedado también con Emily pero bueno. Espero con ansias la historia alternativa de las otras arthurias y la "continuación de esta". Tengo que decir que en historias de fate eres uno de los mejores. Fue un gusto haber leído esta historia. Muchas gracias por crearla.
5/6 c98 Guest
If Shirou had a nickel for every time he got stabbed through the heart with a legendary magical blade and stabber assumed he was dead but he got up later that same day, he’d have two nickels.
5/1 c101 Silveryu
Really good ending, and to be honest one of the best just pure fate/stay night fanfictions i have read.

Though i would like to ask, do you have any plans to create a prequel/sequel to this story?
4/29 c52 Weebcentric
Nobunaga didn’t “invent” the idea of alternating fire.
It was used in China and Spain about half a century earlier.
4/29 c37 Lancelot mood
Me, asking my mom if my friends can have a sleepover.
4/27 c25 Pity that
Shame they couldn’t have stayed that way.
Queen Femiya would’ve worked just as well.
4/22 c5 european elite
Shirou embracing his inner aristocrat, i think
does this count as grooming? I mean i know when they first met Artoria was the older one but...
4/16 c21 The Walt
Not even Merlin can handle the Eroge Protagonist EX Skill
4/15 c98 Guest
I seriously wish Morgan was tortured to death. She’s so fucking whinny that she wasn’t made queen. She seems to think that she’s suffered so much for no god damned reason. “Oh no, my dad didn’t ignore my sociopathic tendencies and give me the kingdom for free”. Fuck off
4/12 c101 Andres DMB
Bruh, i have finished this fic, and o boy, this hurt, simply this is the best fanfic that i have read in my life, simply beautiful, the way you started it, to the way it finished, is simply remarcable, is just, great, you simply have no way of seeing how many time i have spend reading this story, how many times i was just completely into it, when i first discovered it i loved the idea, but even then, just simply the amount of words that it had (i don't know if it was 200 000 or 400 000) scared me away, but when i grew up, and got my reading skills better, i came back, and i just simply can not express how much it meant to me, coming again and reading it whole, simply it was something phenomenal, this has a part in my hearth, and i just simply want to say it to you, this story meant a lot to me, simply a lot, thank you for writing it until the end.

Thank you
4/10 c59 GoPoe
Man all this drama is annoying why is Shirou being so passive
4/10 c52 GoPoe
Honestly I'm skimming all these chapters because memory loss is always lame and annoying.
4/5 c101 Rimuru
im waiting for that FLT prequel boi...
4/5 c101 Guest
Man I want to say that this is a work of a master and it’s masterpiece and I’m excited for the next read fate-lost time and hope you start it soon
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