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for Prodical Son 2

3/29/2016 c3 27The Eclectic Bookworm
I like the idea of Giles having to suppress his rebellious ideas. It always seemed a little weird to me that he'd go straight back to the Council without stirring up trouble, so this was nice to read.
3/29/2016 c2 The Eclectic Bookworm
Awww. Wow. In my head, I always kind of thought that Giles and his father weren't close, but I like this better. (Then again, maybe I just want Giles to get hugs. Either way.)
3/29/2016 c1 The Eclectic Bookworm
YES YES YES to the Giles/Ethan YES ok sorry I get hyped up about them and from now on this entire scene is canon in my head. And of course Ethan not knowing when the best time is to shut up. :)

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