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for Bone Dust

12/30/2017 c1 AbyssusEdax
I have to agree with Skywalker, big fan of feral Eris. I like the idea of an old, semi-aware knight as well, I'm tired of seeing good fallen in fics. The hive don't get enough love.
4/15/2016 c1 192skywalker05
Wow! I like the really feral Eris you've got here, the way you express the Hive-language. Her movements and the way you describe the sounds make her seem so similar to the knight ("a chain still hanging from the ceiling rattling at her passing"), which is a great way to show how much she's changed and been influenced by the Darkness, and her throwing clods of dirt at him was so sad and fierce and funny all at once. There's a bitterness in "Usually the Light killed them first." I'm not sure I buy the end - what machinations, what in the sword-logic predicts an alliance? - but the atmosphere in this fic is fantastic.

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