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6/17 c22 Mewpagano
1/21 c22 unidentified
you were an idiot for making Ron an ass and with no Hermoine. Totally unrealistic and ridiculous.
12/1/2021 c8 Gordon
I realy this story . It expands the Potter realm in a number of ways. That makes the a absurdity of Malfoy and company's return all more frustrating . I under stand the need for his return for the sake of the story, but you need some other rationale . There were two professors that arivved and the Aurors told them that Malfoy sealed the room, not to speak of the willingness of Hermione to testify with Veritaserum.
10/22/2021 c22 LordKnight007
Ron should've been pulled out of Hogwarts instead
8/21/2021 c20 gdecon
Unfjortunately this is by far the worst chapter of an otherwise very good story . There are a number of minor problems that a good editor should have caught, but the rediculous one is Fudges extreme response to statements that could be easily verified.
The memories of four champions would be easily offered and one pensive would have ended the rants by Fudge.
If Fudge is suppose to be able to suppress information at will, a farm more credible mechanism is necessary than having him able to make his rants into laws with secret meetings of the Wizengamot etc.
8/5/2021 c8 gdecon
This is such an imaginative story it was downright painfull to have the absurd "Minister let's Malfoy return " . There were how many professors ? Can't use veritase serum on students but they can volunteer presumably. absurd
6/4/2021 c3 Guest
Wasn’t the ball held on Christmas night? If so H & G would have opened presents that morning!
And why should Ron get out of repercussions from H & G for attacking them?
And why is granger the only one who knows they are leaving the castle?
And WHY should granger be the only one who knows
6/8/2020 c4 Priyanshu Bhanja
3/8/2020 c22 pix25
Love the story, however I don’t get why Pansy didn't go to Azkaban when she sent the the unforgivables, instead they obliviated her and left her, as well as Malfoy when Harry blocked them, however it would be great if there was a sequel
7/19/2019 c22 Black-Warlock
Great story, was fun to read. I like the combined magic uses
7/15/2019 c4 2Huffing101Badger
Wait... So the talk made them horny. At least that's what I gathered and now I'm confused.
2/3/2019 c22 1Eagle-Eyes
Wonderful story
Keep writing as life allows
12/25/2018 c3 StyxUA
Blegh, what an immature piece of trash. Ron is almost killing Harry and consequences for that is "we're taking him home"? No aurors, no trial and punishment for a murder attempt? Bullshit.
8/21/2018 c22 Alicia Janae Alexander
It was so good
7/23/2018 c8 Guest
Is the laws about house elves your own? Because Harry freed Doby and he ended up at Hogwarts AS A FREE ELF! And NO Hogwarts does NOT pay them!

tis is the last chapter I will be reading. I do NOT dumbledork doing an about face and helping Harry! He is a control freak and will not stop!
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