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for Miss Jackson

3/20/2016 c1 sherryfanfic1999
Nice and creep! Thanks for the read.
3/20/2016 c1 clarit
This was simply thrilling. I love your descriptions and grimmjow's voice sounds impressively clear and realistic to me. It was also incredibly hot for such a twisty story.
I hope you keep writing amazing grimmichi stories. :)
I believe you'll be swimming in excited reviews as soon as the fandom catches wind of your writing skills and (idek how to call it anything other than) finesse.

I'm basing this review also on your other story.
I went to see what other stuff you wrote as soon as I finished this one and it drove me to read fanfiction in Spanish for the first time ever. I loved every second of it but I'll review it later because it's insanely late (actually really early) already in my country.
BTW is Spanish your native language? It's mine, too.
Your bilingualism is impressive. :3

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