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for Worm - Waterworks

4/2 c23 6Reader458
Really like this story, good work on having different characters (latest Roy and Taylor) having different views and when you present them they feel natural and organic, with no side having their flaws emphasized for preaching.

Good luck with the writing
3/29 c23 5Debate4life
Loved to see this story updated once more
3/25 c23 matpw2
looking forward to the reactions and hope for faster updates
3/21 c23 Guest
When are you going to right the next it just got rilly good
3/18 c23 2CMVreud
Here i am insomniaing away, reading such a riveting tale and WHAT happens? I stubbed my toe on the last chapter!
This is madness! Cheese and cabbages for everyone.
Your style relly got gradually better as the story proceeded.
I really want to read more.
3/13 c23 Beautyofdeath
You had Taylor call Christner "Your Honor" which is only something judges are called not mayors, also you had her open the wind. Opening a window instead of a mostly incorporeal object like the wind would make a lot more sense there.
3/9 c23 TypeVos
really enjoyabe
3/5 c23 2Kortir
I'm so glad to see another update for this one, it's been a great story so far and I'm really hyped to see where it'll go from here. Haven't even gotten to the romance and such yet! I love Dinah getting some real screen time though, and getting a chance to not just get shunted off into the wards or watchdog. I hope she'll have the chance to continue playing a part through the rest of this story. I feel like she and Vista are often a couple of the most underutilized characters in the series, in part due to age (fair enough) but even still I like when they get real roles. Looking forward to more!
3/4 c23 7Damvladi
This is good, but this is also over the average novel's length and we've barely gotten into the plot.

Some Tinker talk, other pov and internal musings should be trimmed IMO.
3/4 c23 SIDoragon
Always happy to see this story update. Keep it going!
3/3 c1 JBHopefullyWrites
Save yourselves the time everybody and dont bother reading this authors works. The quality is awesome and all but u as the reader, or the author are gonna die before u ever see them finished. Save yourselves the time and read something else.
3/3 c23 1Poseidon93
Thanks for the chapter!
3/2 c23 Vyktor
Yay! À new chapter!
Thanks for the read, I love this story!
2/29 c23 Ep
2/28 c23 Telepurte-Fan
I’ma put a little 'bookmark' here to remind myself of how far I’ve come since Chapter 1, and needing to decide on whether I’ll be continuing this… because I’m at the point where I’m realising "Worm" Crossovers do not entertain me as I thought they would (unless the setting gets turned upside down like someone cracked the universe à la "Gurren Lagann").
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