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4/4/2016 c3 3The Richmaster
Good chapter; I enjoyed the interaction between and within the teams
4/3/2016 c3 3Psykotic101
Finally, we can finally learn her secret! At first I thought she had a d**k, or randomly grew some balls, but now I have no idea! Just don't do something evil like have Yang burst into the library, looking for Ruby or something.
4/3/2016 c3 22Drakefire
Oh, boy.
4/3/2016 c3 2Acerman
I'm fairly certain she doesn't have... a male body part since she said them and I'm pretty sure she ain't referring to her boobs so what else? Something unnaturally there? But man, cliffhanger! Geez, you don't just do that to a person. It's cool through, thanks for the chapter!
4/2/2016 c3 1chronotimeguard
God dame it! Did you really have to cliff hang with that!?

Anyways, Jaune has some really freaky dreams. I was like (O_O) wtf mate!
4/2/2016 c3 2almondbutter
I am quite sure that you just simultaneously caused me great joy and great rage good story though
4/2/2016 c3 SecondXChance
You've got me super interested in this one, can't wait for the next chapter. I'm very curious.
4/2/2016 c3 1Sableyezer
Oh how I love this story. The characters are so on point and I just adore the sense of humor it has. Keep up the great work!
4/2/2016 c3 Taac
If she has a dick, I'm out
4/2/2016 c3 81Tusk Act IV
Yeah I think I got it. In hindsight, it was always obvious if you look at other aspects.

Honestly, the problem I see is that I feel like I care more about the mystery of what Ruby was than the story or her conflict. But that's just me of course.
4/2/2016 c3 MPH Matthew
Glynda seemed like a real bitch in this chapter. Almost like how everybody portrays Weiss sometimes.
3/29/2016 c2 22Drakefire
Very good. Enjoying this so far.
3/29/2016 c2 3The Richmaster
Great chapter; I particularly liked the way you showed the combat happening, it was a good presentation of the thoughts and instincts that it can inspire in combatants.
I look forward to seeing where you go with this
3/26/2016 c2 Guest
It's a bit difficult to put into words, but there's something off about Ruby. Beyond what you've got as your basic premise. She's just not as sweet as she's supposed to be. And she's way too aggressive. It's making her nowhere near as likable or interesting as Ruby's supposed to be.
3/26/2016 c2 2Acerman
DAAAANNNNNGGGG. Just, dangg. That fight scene! The indecision! The dirty tricks! DDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG. That was beautiful
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