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for Five Worlds Wars: The Invincible Gladiator

6/20/2018 c2 2OceanLord2017
Round of applause for you. You've got vision.

I loved just how many characters you showed watching it...I think you managed to include almost every single one of my favorite Coalitionists. Loved your ideas for some of the Coalition Units (especially Harribel's). I think you made me laugh with Gerard.

It was pretty cathartic to hear Skullak just tear down Doflamingo, the World Government, and Aizen.

As for the fight itself...it was insane in the best way possible. All that Gum-Gum and Fire and Chakra and Reiatsu was just so much awesomeness. I think that this is perfect for the FWW universe (even if it's only filler in a sense). Still, this was an insane battle that pushed the heroes to the limit, which we can all appreciate.

Til Next Time...Have Fun!
7/6/2017 c2 1GoFigureComics
Awesome Fic, overall!

Sure, the chaoters were a little too long, could've been cut to 4 or 8 Chapters instead of two, but great overall

Out of all the Skullak Fics I have seen you write, this was the MOST heart-wrenching Fic ever, I could feel myself get torn up on the inside when Skullak was dieing, really! XwX;

Keep up the good work as always, really, please! _
6/26/2017 c1 GoFigureComics
I'm not gonna lie, since I'm not a One-Piece Fan, I found myself lost in this Chapter about all of these One-Piece Characters being shown and explained

But otherwise, this chapter had suspense, good!

I'll read the next chapter tomorrow since I have to go to bed for work tomorrow
7/25/2016 c2 13Author Nicholas Drew
Since I know you already know about the grammar, you told me in a PM, after all, I won't bother bringing that up to you.
Beyond that, great chapter with a great fight. I could see and feel the tension throughout. There was also genuine emotion at the end.
However, my biggest criticism, was that even though he's supposed to be a man of justice, Skullak seemed to be a bit too malicious towards the Acts of Order sometimes during the fight. I guess I'd have to see him in other stories to truly understand his personality, but the genuine malice and hate he had for them in the fight didn't seem believable at times.
7/18/2016 c2 4Evan deivant
Ichigo these two are the biggest idiots in Shonen, the only person dumber than them is TFS Goku.
Hnad to hand from the start ? This should prove intreseting.
Yeah Ichigo of all people should know using Shikai against an Espada is not enough to beat them.

Many Arrancars watch were shock to see Skullak get hit like then. Skullak just stood their, but move to look at Natsu with a glare in his eyes.
"Did he just used a cero version of my Getsuga Tenshō?"
You act as you're suprised, didn't you fight Skullak already?

You stand no chance Apacci, Mila-Rose, and Sung-sun against Luffy, even if you summoned Ayon. He's literally token out bigger and stronger threats than you and if he can do that against Skullak, what chance you even have.

That's Gear Second for you Skullak, don't underesimate his speed.

Yeah Ceros can't be asbrobed given it's not flames for the most part, too bad for Natsu.

Nartuo using a Rasegan and using Luffy as a springboard to move faster? Nice one. Even better given Ichigo's follow up atack.
Luffy don't get distracted, stay on the fight.

Thank god forshadow clones, one hit of that buzzsaw would've killed both Natsu and Naruto.

"This is stupid we fight a damn shield of all think, while Luffy get to have all the real fun."
Define fun Natsu !

Wait, should Luffy's rubber body be resistant to Blunt Force damage ?I know Skullak is stronger but Luffy shouldn't be that easily damaged.

Okay almost forgot Luffy can use Arrament Haki, which should be the eqauilvent to Heirro given it's toughness.
Wait Skullak can use Ceros as a sheild ?

I don't recall him having this ablity to use Cero Buzzsaws.

Naruto you idiot, his attack power just qauidrilped , don't leave your gaurd down.
Nice Double Getsuga Tensho

Yep Dofalmingo, you're 100 times weaker than Skullak and Luffy became 100 times stronger than you.
Idiots ? That's Natsu and Luffy for you !

"Behold Espada de la Furia! (Sword of Fury) The second most powerful sword in all of Hueco Mundo!"
Second strongest?

"He just sliced a mountain in half! That So Awesome!"
Idiot, you should be scared he did that with ease.

"The blast piece right through rock the were behind Luffy from his last attack and the bala see to continue to go as he when through a mountain to leave a hole in it."
A Bala that goes through mountains, he's

." Natsu then when into his Dragon Sage mode and got Skullak's full attention."
Dragon Sage Mode? Don't you mean Dragon Force?

Looks like it's only down to Ichigo.
.And now Ichigo has fallen.

"I like say before, you strength is not were near mine and not even Haki on your body can break this shield." Skullak words however, were turn on him as a crack in the middle of his shield was starting to form. Skullak's eyes widen and he bashed away Luffy's arm.

"Impossible, he was about to crack my shield in my Segunda Etapa?" asked Skullak to himself. He look up to see Luffy coming down at him again, but with a different move ready this time. Since both his Luffy's hands were giant and covered in haki armor.

"Gum Gum Grizzly Magnum!" Luffy launched his arms right down at Skullak as he held him shield again to protect himself. The ground below Skullak become a bit more deep make a bit more deeper crater. Skullak held on with all his might, but Luffy tough all his strength at Skullak as his shield was cracking even more.

"This Can't BE HAPPENING!" yelled Skullak as his shield shattered to bit and Luffy's fists hit Skullak head on and smashing into the ground too"
Well so much for your defense. You better hope you have a Thrid Release, because Luffy has yet to use his full power.
So why is Natsu's flames useless against Skullak?
Not a bad tatic by Naruto to weaken the Ia Furia and shatter it.

"Wow that was awesome," said Luffy coming over. "Nice finisher!" Natsu grin and said, "Your wasn't the bad either. This clones are tough, but not strong at the real one. I think Naruto will next his fight with the clone before Ichigo beat the real one." Luffy grin too and nodded as they both turn to watch the remaining two fights."
Figurees those two idiots would priase each others skills.

"This End Now!" said Ichigo from above. He was coming out to finish the Arracnar off with one powerful slash. However, Skullak send back some to dodge, which he did mostly. Still Ichigo's sword strike down over the mask remain over Skullak's left eye and slice through the mask slicing through his eye and face too."
Ouch, he's going to need Orihime for that one.

"Easy I know your biggest weakness it you can't kill! However, what you goal? What do you want to do? The other three have their own dream and wants to become great, but you. Your is Pathetic! Just want to protect you friend in nothing, but a fool weakness. You have not goal and wanted to do anything at all. Just protect is nothing more then an instinct. You have so much power, but don't know what to do with it or use for you own self to become even more powers"
Skullak has a very good point, Ichigo lacks an end goal unlike the other heroes, which is why

"You the one the brought the Arrancar amy together?" asked Ichigo shock too. "You are a D. too!" said Luffy surprsied very much. Many on other the Alliance and Coalition listen carefully to this."
Wait so SKullak has a D for a last name.

. "That are NOTHING more the Greed, Prideful, and Arrogant Human that believe the are decedents to Kingdoms that join together to destroy an even more large and royal one. I learn about in and know everything too. I know way the World Government fears about anyone try to learn about this information and the dark evil think they done."
Awesome Skullak, that's a great raosting of those Celestial Dragon bastards.

Kizaru moves at the speed of light and has the hardest logia to counter, he'll be fine from death at least.
Looks like he's acheived his final form.

Boy that attack is no joke, a 5 mile radius blast lasting for 5 minutes,

Skulla you fool, they weren't in their final forms either.

"So this is the Dragon Force I was told about. The power to defeat a dragon huh? What I joke you think that can help you boy? We Arracnars can easily kill dragons with any problem at all. I don't know what fear the Black Dragon Acnologia. I could be about to kill him with any problem at all. Maybe I will do that to show the world they should fear the Arrancars more and not some over grown Dragon. I really hope Acnologia is watch and fear me because I would to see his fear of my powers."
Arrancars killing a Dragon ? I don't think any Arrancar in canon has anywhere near the power to kill a Dragon. You're merely taking out of your ass here.

"So this is the Fourth Gear that gave Zeref a beating huh? I guess I have to see for myself how powerful you are in this form."
Zeref ? Luffy fought Zeref ? When was this? Also there's no way Luffy can beat Zeref.

You really need to show me these fights with Kuma and Zeref because it feels like i'm missing some intreseting plots.

So they been at this fight for two hours ? How do they even have the stamina to fight this long?
"Gran Rey Cero Oscuras Hoja de Corte! (Grand King Dark Zero Blade Slash)"
Not a bad tecinque, i can't wait to use this within Soul Ninja.
" Ichigo unleashed a Getsuga Grad Rey Pfeil"

"What she saw was half of Skullak's bones were broken, he had internal blooding himself, and several of his organs were in bad shape. It was like a dead man was still walking right now."
How is he still standing from such a beating.

Seriously how much stronger Starrk and Barrgagan become ? They were never close to this powerful within canon.

Poor Skullak, wish he lived and formed the allaince between Arrancars and humans, also love watching Dolfamingo sweat alot.
7/16/2016 c1 Evan deivant
Querstion, at what point of the seires are Luffy , Natsu, Naruto and Ichigo based on? Because depending on the point of seires, i would have to point out some differences with regards to power levels and ablites.
Also Lisanna gets Natsu and not Lucy ? Not that i have anything against this

So jusging by Dolfmaingo's prescene here and the reference to previous events, it's current Luffy?
Question ? Is SKullak as strong as his Thousand Yeard Blood War counterpart ? If so Dolfamingo doesn't have a chance.

Wait so Skullak lost Cirucci and became the dark lord of the fan fiction.

Okay i'm enjoying Dolfamingo in pain.

Jesus Burgers and Mask on a team ?Intreseting, they seem about eqaully as powerful. Should be intresting.

Not sure how strong Van Aruger is compared to Lille Barro but not a bad team up.

Four Lords and him being the weakest? Compared to who exactly ?

Can Teach negate non DF powers ? If so, he would be the most useful lackey.
So why did Skullan appear in front of Robin.

Agreed, hell Prime Whitbeard would give Ywach a run for his money in terms of power, hell if we had even eldery Whitebeard, Aizen wouldn't stand a chance. Whitbeard is the most badass One Piece character, Zoro being the second most badass.

I think it's more of the latter of his love for Cirucci because i'm sure her Mero Mero No Mi would easily work on Grimmjow.

Wait Tousen is alive in this story ?

To be fair i hope Skullak massarces the Celeitsal Dragons.

I take it you really got into One Piece, you even got the lore down on point. So that's how Skullak became so insanley strong, he was dablling within anicent magic and techonology fron the One Piece world.

"Also talk about the Celestial Dragons, I can't believe you like such rich, greed, and inhuman people do what the like to other. Make people slaves and not are about the Justice in that. I can't wait to return after my battle because I going to being the true God of Death to rot everything here to nothing."
I approve of wanting to see those Celestial Dragons dead.

Wait how is Skullak able to damage Akianu ? Only attacks that can bypass defense can damage a Logia or how strong did Skullak get ? There's no way the same one who fought Aizen and even Ywach can easily dominate Akinau like that.

This should prove intreseting to see Skullak and Mihawk fight each other within a sword fight.
Wait who defeated Kizaru ?Who was strong enough to beat him within battle.

Why are the Qunices within the prison in Fairy Tails world?

So Orochimaru, Brain and Crocodile are all on the same side.

Kyoka and Ninorta hanging out ? Ironic given Ninorta is a sexist and Kyoka loves toturing women.
Why is Alrong still around in his place ? I thought he was in jail. Also Torafuzar and Kisame would fit within the Fishmen.

I wonder who within the Spriggan 12 would be good opponents against the top 12 strongest Sterin Ritter within Ywach's army.

So is Nagato in his young state.

Wait Hades is still alive here ? Also i'm suprised Aizen would go along with Skullak
Pica would flousrh well in Las Noches, as well as Gaara and Crocodile. Gara and Crocidle can easily bend the sand without Hucedo Mundo and Las Noches and Pica can become even larger within Las Noches.

Moraih's Zombies, Zetsu and Calveras ? Deadly combo.

So Luffy, Natsu, Ichigo and Natsu are fighting each other as well as Skullak.
7/4/2016 c2 16mindmaster123
Dude, that beginning is pure gold! The thought of serious bad guys like Zeref and Orochimaru doing any of those things cracks me up. And Natsu and Luffy pissing off Skullak's Arrancar pals. (I can imagine Aisslinger and Demoura going berserk and getting ready to jump off the audience and lunge at Luffy and Natsu, and the others arounding them having to hold them in place).

But, going more serious. I'll say that this is one of your best. The dialogue, the fighting, the interactions were perfect. The one thing I didn't like was the ending. How could you kill Skullak like that?!
7/2/2016 c2 23Bigby the Big Bad Wolf
Quite the intense story right there, though it did kinda bother me how overpowered Skullak was. I seem to be throwing the word overpowered all over the place. I think it's because I've been seeing so many of them lately that it's starting to become a little tiresome. I'm guilty of it too though, since I have created overpowered characters to combat OTHER overpowered characters

All the same, he DID push Ichigo and the others to their limits in a massive showdown. Skullak really gave them a great fight, making them truly work for their victory. Crazy how he was able to withstand all those dangerous attacks until the very end. He was a warrior, there is no denying that one. And it looks like this battle is going to have some major repercussions. I'm worried for our heroes and what they're going to have to face next. Though, after that fight with Skullak, what could possibly top it?
7/2/2016 c2 Jazzlover20
4/4/2016 c1 13Author Nicholas Drew
Hello my friend. Terribly sorry this took me so long. Between all of my studies and writing the actual story it's not often I find myself with the free time to simply sit down and review other people's stories.
Now, first, let me just say that I'm not going to bother with talking about the teams. This story is your canon universe, you have the right to make those decisions and should not be constrained by whether it will be correct tin my canon. I'm not saying you were correct, nor am I saying you were wrong, I'm just saying you don't have to worry about that. In fact, this has given me some ideas.
Alright than, first off, there isn't much for me to say about this story considering that this was mainly used as a build-up chapter. Having said that, I am definitely pumped up and excited to see how this fight plays out. You have done a fantastic job in building up the suspense.
Now, just a few simple things, pay attention to your spelling and grammar, I noticed quite a few mistakes throughout this chapter, though I'm not really one to talk because sometimes I make those mistakes when I get on a role while writing. It's just something to keep in mind
Also, I'm a bit concerned with how overpowered Skullak is. I'm not saying it's a good thing nor am I saying it's a bad thing, you just have to be careful with OCs. I made that mistake in my early years on this site. The only reason I got away with making Chitsujo and Konton so powerful is that technically they are supposed to be the most powerful in the series at the moment.
Having said all that, I will close with this: You are definitely on your way to becoming a great writer. This has a lot of potential to be a really exciting story.
3/25/2016 c1 23Bigby the Big Bad Wolf
Well I must say, this looks intense. Skullak battling Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, and Natsu at once. Plus all the stuff he did earlier in the chapter. Damn he's been on a ridiculous rampage. Course I need to acknowledge that he was attacking the more corrupted people and no one innocent. All the same I am curious where this multi-crossover is going and how the story plays out.

See ya next chapter.
3/21/2016 c1 16mindmaster123
Wow. So this is why you were watching so much One Piece? Not wanting to insult you and ND2014, but there are too many characters. Seriously, it was starting to become a clusterfuck in my brain. Also, Cirucci is dead?! NOOOOOOO! You to bring her back! PLEEEEEEASE! T~T

So, to the review: Skullak was so awesome in this fanfic. He just goes around the world, kicking ass and cracking skulls swherever he goes, saying his opinion on the other villains' faces whether they like it or not, sometimes with a taunting smirk (I'm looking at you Goroseis, you old assholes), and also being respectful to those who deserve. Well, I'm curious to see how this goes.

PS: the Brain guy who was talking to Crocodile and Orochimaru is the Brain from Teen Titans? Because that would be so cool, even criminal mastermindso and supervillains like the Brain know and respect Skullak.
3/21/2016 c1 Lewis
3/20/2016 c1 8Bladed Raptor
*slowly claps before clapping g normally* good show, very good show indeed. I am actually interested to see the end results to this two parter chapter Darkmachines. It's both entertaining and very interesting to say the least, thus, makes me curious what will happen when the battle commences. Oh...the hype...Anyways great job so keep up the amazing work.

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