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11/13/2018 c14 2Dragon-XZero
So...W's Memories have been destroyed, the W Driver has been damaged, there's no sign of Shroud anywhere, we have an evil Accel, a group with the non purified versions of W's Memories, and Eternal is probably around somewhere...

Welp, talk about a fully no win situation, seriously, the only Memory they have is Fang and that's useless on its own, and I don't think Extreme works without Cyclone and Joker if that's what you were leading up to.

Let's see what you do to next
9/17/2018 c13 13creativesm75
9/8/2018 c13 LoamyCoffee
So rather than Eternal, it's an evil Accel. And a new name!
7/12/2018 c12 creativesm75
6/6/2017 c10 Skywolf99
It's been a while since i saw one of your updates i blame decade

But in all seriousness i am glad to see this story updated
1/23/2017 c8 16Kaizer Daozang
A nice fight chapter.
1/17/2017 c7 35robert32514
Keep it up. You're doing great.
12/10/2016 c1 deltadragon373
Kamen Rider W and Rosario Vampire crossover? FUCK. YES.
11/24/2016 c6 robert32514
Awesome so far.
10/26/2016 c6 16Kaizer Daozang
A nice way to use the bat camera and a good battle.
10/26/2016 c6 Skywolf99
It's spelled and pronounced senpai not sempai
9/3/2016 c5 Kaizer Daozang
A nice chapter. Like the mini shokugeki.
7/28/2016 c4 Kaizer Daozang
A nice dopant kill for this chapter.
7/28/2016 c4 16Omarnosian10
Is Tsukune gonna become Accel?
7/21/2016 c3 16Kaizer Daozang
A short but nice chapter. Like how you used the Fang Joker form this time.
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