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for The Daughter

6/7 c4 Kristina Johnson
I can’t wait for the next update! I really hope she gets her sword spirit back when the rest of her magic returns.
5/29 c4 fallondyson
5/8 c4 Pogs21
Maor plz u are a king for adopting this story
5/5 c4 Abby Okumura
I can't wait for the reaction of one Mayuri Kurotsuchi. When it's about the babies. I practically support Uryu x Nemu here.
4/29 c4 XxKonekoLoverxX
I quite like this and hope to see more
4/29 c4 XxKonekoLoverxX
if I'm reading this right then way to go uryu lol
4/29 c4 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
3/27 c4 1Kiochii
I seriously got this mental image of Snape going “peace bitches I’m going to Japan!” And leaving after the war. My biggest curiousity is once Nemu gets all her magic back would her Zanpaktou reform within her soul or be reborn within her.
3/17 c4 Exodus12345
Interesting so far. Hope there will be more.
3/17 c4 The Real Hell Fire
Interesting story you got here, I’m gonna follow it, I enjoyed Nemu and Head Captain putting most of the British magicals in their place, especially Dumbledore.

I got an idea of a story for writers including you, if you want it.
2/18 c4 mouse
i hope to see more releases of this i absolutely love it keep up the wonderful work
2/15 c4 Emperor Wan Athers
You the best thing about this is my imagination if she were found by Zaraki Kenpachi essentially took Yachiru place, imagen HIS reaction if somebody took his "daughter" (pity any fool what would actually hurt her). But I can dream can't I anyway nice story so far keep up doing good work
Btw I know that Yachiru is Zaraki sword spirit (can't spell it in Japanese)
2/13 c4 2RaveFoil063
Good story, the only thing wrong with it would be the excessive ranting at the beginning of the each chapter. that might annoy a lot of people and drive them away from the story, just saying. but otherwise I really want to see where this goes, Good Luck!
2/12 c4 Guest
Great job so far! Can’t wait for more! Also i loved snape’s reaction:) i can just picture him smiling like a kid in a candy store as they insult the potters.:);):)
2/4 c4 Guest
Please update this it's soo good I love this story great job
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