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11/29 c14 sarae32
Somehow I knew Remus would do that. Almost wish Hermione was gone just to make him suffer. Boys.
11/29 c13 sarae32
Finally! These two had me wondering if it would ever happen. Great chapter!
11/28 c14 meldz
this is what annoys me with Remione. Remus puts the "woe is me" to the highest level! It's so frustrating that I wish Hermione would not talk to him and go to a pretend date just to spite him.
11/24 c13 Guest
Uhulll hope he see how much she loves him
11/21 c12 Guest
A marriage!
I don't imagine that but it is a great idea
Anxious for more
11/8 c11 lady sesshomaru sama 949
he really knows how to kill the mood darn you Lockhart! lol love this
11/7 c11 sarae32
They were so close! Blasted Lockhart is such a c#$k block! Great chapter!
11/7 c11 meldz
lol, I wasn't expecting that!
11/6 c10 Maartha
Knight Remus rescued the abducted Princess . There weren't much suspens, but anyway it's fun to read !
11/2 c10 Guest
Love this story! Your writing is great. Your Remus is very in character, just hope he will give Hermione a chance soon.
11/1 c3 17Simona Polle
This story was in my to be read list for long, I’m happy I have the time to enjoy it! Crazy plot and my favorite pair, can’t wait to read more.
10/31 c10 clowepink
Still loving this story! Keep the updates coming!
10/31 c10 lady sesshomaru sama 949
awesome love this hope for more soon!
10/31 c10 sarae32
If Remus and Hermione don’t have an incredible reunion after THAT, then there’s no hope for these two. Great chapter!
10/29 c9 Guest
Mais um capítulo por favorzinhoooo
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