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10/4 c27 6audreyoctopus
I am absolutely loving this story so far! You write Lana so well, it's like the Lana of canon. You write Wendy well also, especially considering there isn't much about her in Asylum - I think she's very well developed in this story. I adore Johnny - he's so cute, and they have such a lovely little family.

I hope nothing happens with Rachel -_-

Looking forward to the next chapter, and have a great day/night!

-Audrey :)
10/1 c27 Guest
I miss Lana, Wendy, and Johnny :(
9/10 c27 Guest
Please update the cosmos!
9/10 c27 Guest
Girl come back!
8/26 c27 inmyvictoryy
Wendy is always screwing up and I think Lana is getting tired of it. Her thoughts/behavior towards Rachel at the end have me suspecting that she may start to reconsider her relationship with Wendy and try to pursue one with Rachel. Either way, it should make for good reading. I miss reading your stories. I hope you’re okay during this time and hopefully you can give us a new chapter in the near future. All the best!
8/21 c27 Guest
8/14 c27 Guest
Please do this one next
8/12 c27 Hxlly
It just occurred to me that there has never been a chapter where it’s Lana’s birthday. That would be cute to see. Wendy trying to celebrate Lana’s birthday and Lana just being like eff off haha
8/8 c27 Guest
Bring this one back!
7/18 c27 Guest
gurl it’s been so long since I’ve read this...pls come back sis
7/8 c27 Guest
7/3 c27 Guest
greta story!
6/20 c27 Guest
honestly if Lana cheats I don’t blame her!
6/12 c27 Guest
Come through big dog
6/11 c27 Guest
Is Lana questioning her relationship with Wendy?
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